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  1. WH you need to educate yourself about the last time this happened.and everytime they did make good of their lives the white man destroyed it again. Do you think they would be happy? No, there are many who are strong in their culture. White man is in poverty and this would help how? You can't even fix the problem in this country so how is doing this going to help them? Really? Take what is left oh yeah that has been the idea all along. Many have tried this and still cannot get jobs due to the stereotyping,. Some do leave and some return to the reservation. I just think you don't realize that people lose their culture they lose themselves. Sorry I find this conversation just sickening knowing what my great grandparents went through. Making someone stop being who they are is not going to help, they need to help themselves yes but taking whats left won't help. We need to find a way without taking anymore from them is my point.
  2. WH I refuse to answer this. I will get really rude if I do ! I am Native blood and do not appreciate this. I wished you would go speak to Dennis Banks and ask him if he thinks this is a good idea. Really? Seriously???
  3. Not The Ordinary Nose Hole

    Sorry poor kid got hurt, but like it was said you can bubble wrap, padded stall 24/7 watch and they still get hurt. LOL I don't leave my horse's buckets so I never wrapped the eyelets may just for added protection. Well the poor kid has a blow hole now :)
  4. Rodeo: Yay Or Nay?

    I just find rodeos rather boring..just not my thing. The Born to Buck program is what you all are thinking about. Some contractors are not good people and the good ones do not try and rid the rodeo of them so kinda iffy on the Better cared for thing some don't some do.
  5. Why Do Some Have Horses?

    If they don't care for the basics of the horse's needs, no they should not own. I have a couple health issues that prevent me from riding as much as I like, but I always care for my horses daily *hubby says I am fanatical about their care LOL* and I ride when I can. I do however continue to work the horse on the ground just going over manners etc. I only have 2 now I lost one in Nov. Once these two return to the Creator there will be no more due to my health issues.
  6. No Vet

    The vet thing may to be to prevent someone from using them as bait animals or worse. I would like to know if someone has a vet they use even like you do just in case the animal gets sick. Sorry it rubs you the wrong way but people try and protect the animals up for adoption the best they can and I think that is what you are seeing.
  7. Major prayers HFF! You get cowgirl tough and fight on back!
  8. Ice In Water Troughs...

    I had to change out my heaters tonight cause the newer one didn't work I thought I killed it trying to fix that darn ring that kept falling off when I cleaned the tank tonight, until awhile ago when I got it out of the truck to see why oh brother I burned myself LOL I have to run electrical cords to the outlet but it is better and safer than chopping the pond! I hope where I have my girls the guy will see this and leave me be about the pond thing ugh. I don't want colic and I want clean water access for my horses besides his horses benefit from my labor of love.
  9. At least the friend tried his best to show him what can happen to him or someone innocent. I hope this guy gets a clue and soon
  10. What Does Everybody Do For Work?

    City-Gal I basically run the kitchen at our satellite senior center, we are still getting idiots to get along to get the ground broke on our new facility so we can cook our own! I applaud you I know how dang rough it gets back in that kitchen!
  11. Love it, anyone offended, oh please,,,,,,,,,You tell em Mz Rat!
  12. Terrible Horse Accident

    Prayers for your friend!!! Hugs for you But seriously though, we don't get into horses for no reason. We know the risks and that this type of thing occurs at one point in our horsey lives. Sorry you had to witness it
  13. Has Anyone Ever Seen A Mirrored Saddle?

    I would think pretty expensive depending exactly what it is made of. Several thousands I would say
  14. Has Anyone Ever Seen A Mirrored Saddle?

    Um no thanks. I don't like saddles like that even for parades. I also think it would blind someone in the sun LOL
  15. Purina Vs Nutrena

    Nutrena Safe Choice here