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  1. Illegal Immigrant Deportation

    Looking thru news stories from people like ABC, Fortune Mag., CBO and even Politifact, they say that Illegals cost US taxpayers between 68 billion and 100 Billion Dollars a year. Looking thru news stories from mostly liberal sites there are between 10 to 15 million illegals in the USA Lets do the average of 12.5 Million illegals, if you round them all up and send them home, I will questimate it would cost 3,000.00 for each person. That is 37.5 Billion, cheaper if you send them on a Bus instead of an Do the math, much cheaper to send them packing than let them stay..... Now, looking thru news stories from ABC, CBS, Pew, BEA and NYT, illegals in the US send anywhere from 20 Billion to 100 Billion dollars a year back to their Home Countries each year. That is money that US born citizens could be making at Jobs that illegal have stolen...... **** Now before someone jumps on the bandwagon of who would pick our vegetables and fruit every year if we send all the illegals home..... The Government BLS says there are only 761,000 Agricultural workers in the USA (as of latest 2014 stats) Now other news site say there are between 1 and 3 million seasonal workers in the US to do agricultural work. So using the highest figure of 3 million, what are the other 9.5 Million Illegals doing in the USA? Stealing Jobs.... thats what.. I 100% agree with what someone else said, we need to prosecute US Employers who hire Illegals, that is the law.... We wont even go into other problems that illegals cause while here, like Deaths, Rapes and other major crimes... .
  2. elections in holland

    lol..... I would have to bet the 30% did the majority if not as high as 99% of the murders, but each to his own opinion :) .
  3. elections in holland

    So all the murders you speak of were done by Christians, deflect much ? .
  4. Our New President Elect

    I did not vote for Trump, now that being said it is amazing those that bash every word that Trump says have already forgotten about the lair in chief. For those that Love Politifact, here are 4 pages of lies As of 2013, here are 252 more... how many from 2013 to 2016???? .
  5. elections in holland

    Just because some of my posted sources are not reputable in your opinion or you dislike them, any truth they print, sources from real life which contain some truth like government stats or quotes/interviews from real people that is the truth, they should be inconsequential as a news source?? CNN has one of the lowest ratings in the USA as a new source. Should we discount everything they say because they are biased towards one part of society? No, I don't think that is fair either........ Some here go out of their way to defend Islam or say how peaceful it is and at the same time do all they can to trash Christianity. If people hate religion, maybe they should bash all religions as a whole. So please, can anyone tell me.... have Christians killed 1,172 people and injured 1,454 people in the last 30 days?????? .
  6. The GOP PrpPosed Health Care Bill

    Those that are begrudging people who use VA healthcare and VA benefits are sick pathetic puppies, people in the Military and people who served at any time have earned every penny in any kind of benefit they receive or will receive. We do far more people who have sponged off others hard work than we do for the Military, such a disgrace. As far as Obamacare, prices have gone up 423% of me and people in my area in the last 6 years while deductibles have risen 400%, we have 1 choice for Insurance in our area, 5 other companies have pulled out of the market since 2010, who can afford to use the Insurance after paying the azzinine premiums? Then you have deductibles like 6,500.00 to 12,500.00 before a lot of the Insurance even kicks in. I was paying 153.00 a month in 2010 with a 2,500.00 deductible, now it is over 600.00 a month with a 6,500.00 deductible, comparing services and features is a joke, I get a lot LESS..... That being said, the new plan is no better, in fact, from what I have been reading anyone over 50 will actually pay more unless they make 60k a year or more. Neither plan really helps the poor and low-middle income people. Healthsavings accounts are a joke for those that are struggling to get by and elderly. did you know between 73 to 77% of the people in the USA live paycheck to paycheck depending on what source you read, this is from news sources like, Time, CNN and CBS. The biggest problem is greed from Doctors and Pharmacies, IMO. There are many other problems, too many that I have time to type. Examples: 2 Doctors in my are are paid 232.00 and 248.00 by Insurance Companies for a simple 5 minute office visit, while those doctors will accept 60.00 and 75.00 respectively as a cash payment from an Individual. Several Pharmacies will give you a prescription for 4.00 for a months supply, but if you use Insurance those Pharmacies are paid anywhere from 37.00 to 168.00 for those medicines from the insurance Company. An MRI is 435.00 in my area if you pay cash, but the Insurance Company pays the provider 982.00. A CT scan is 385.00 if you pay cash but Insurance pays the provider 571.00. All those are personal examples, BTW. I have a friend in Florida who has only one choice for Insurance, she is 61 and pays 872.00 a month with a 6,000.00 deductible and her plan only allow 3 doctors visits per year with a 40.00 copay, after that she pays full price till the 6,000.00 deductible is paid, a coupe of her prescriptions are not even covered by the Insurance, so when pays full price for them until she meets the deductible, but the good news is birthcontrols pills (if she wanted them) are free under Obamacare Until costs are reigned in, Obamacre or Trumpcare will not work for those that truly need Insurance. .
  7. elections in holland

    PS, many of my liberal friends think Al Jazeera is a reputable source, seems they have reported Islamic problems in Holland also, so it seems the Successful Integration as stated in the original post by Nick may not be as true as some want to think .
  8. elections in holland

    I have no idea who RL is or Gatestone is, they seem to be quoting sources in Holland, one was a Government source When you search for problems in Holland, there are many other sources, who are reporting a lot of problems But, I guess some only believe what CNN, ABC, or MSNBC says..... if anyone else reports news, it must be false..... PS, I emailed a friend last night who lives in Holland to see if she has any insight on what is going on there, will let ya know .
  9. elections in holland

    Dozens more just like those in that report. Keep the head in the sand .
  10. Dishonest press?

    Finally CNN, published the truth (yes, I was shocked) Use the Zoom feature and the 360 feature, you will see Trump at the podium and also that the Mall was packed.... Once again the Media "originally" posted half truths.... .
  11. Our New President Elect

    Nick, You are a pitiful human being. For being 16 years old and singing in front of a huge crowd, she did more than excellent. I guess she did not have that Rap Crap Twang which you cannot identify with if someone does not have it and you certainly have idea what real talent is .
  12. Odd size saddle help

    Are you are referring to the Templates from the Horse Saddle Shop? They have have a Normal/Narrow which is a SGHB 86 degree angle 6.5" Gullet And a Wide which is a FQHB 90 degree 90 degree angle 7.0" Gullet There is a Tree called a Regular QHB 88 degree angle 6.75" Angle, but no one has a template for that, there are not a lot of companies that have the in-between size, but I find the RQHB very popular, SQHB is often called Medium and FQHB is often called a wide by some Saddle Makers. The Angle of the Bar is much more important then the Gullet Width, concentrate on the angle 1st for fitting. What Breed of Horse do you have and what is the Height in Hands, Age and approx weight. ? I can give some suggestions based on those answers, I have successfully fitted over 300 Horses on-line and many more in-person .
  13. Leo Deaths An Epidemic Or Normal?

    90% of the hands up BS has been proven to be a lie. Strange how even Eric Holder admits it was a lie, I could post more examples of the Hands up don't shoot BS for other Criminals that were shot, but it never does any good with you. .
  14. Our New President Elect

    Obama backed the Syrian Rebels in a 4 year war and you want to blame Trump? Fall off your Horse? Obama caused the Syrian Refugee Problem! You post something 22 hours ago and expect a fast response when people are enjoying Christmas Eve and Christmas, but I guess you think the world should stop to answer you. Merry Christmas, Nick .
  15. Our New President Elect Nick, I could post stories like this all day long, but haters are gonna hate on Trump, no matter what