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  1. I'M FREE!!! Dragon is at the trainers for Spring Refresher and Beau is across the street at Carl's house eat LOTS AND LOTS OF SUGARY GRASS NYUM NYUM NYUM. Dragon is at Wren's for 2 weeks then we do some work together here and in my trails. Can't wait. Dragon walked right into her trailer too. No fussing or anything. Tee hee hee. THANK'S WREN AND HER HUBBY FOR PICKING HIM UP TODAY. :) Spring and Summer for me is like fall and winter to you when your kids go to school. This is how I f...

  2. So I rode Dragon on Saturday. He was full of energy but not once did he call out to Beau. We went through the entire trail and a pretty quick pace on the way up. Surprises of surprises, he didn't rush home. I still think he could benefit from a spring refresher.

  3. Stetson Dressage Saddles

    I actually own one. It's an EXCELLENT saddle. It is no longer being made under the Stetson name I guess because the dressage/English community turned their nose up at the Stetson name which is generally associated with Western riding. Anyway, they are now being made by Cynron. This saddle has the heat-sensitive padding that helps it mold to both you and horse for extra security. I have seen used ones sold on Ebay and tack shops for around $1,500.
  4. Horse Has Lumps (1 Burst) In Inner Thigh And Won't Walk.

    It's an abcess. The lumps are nothing to worry about and they don't even hurt. Just a little swat on the open one and he will be okay. His foot is drained and wrapped. Stall rest till Monday, then I can take the bandage off.
  5. Horse Has Lumps (1 Burst) In Inner Thigh And Won't Walk.

    He's a chestnut. I have the vet coming out this afternoon. He thinks this is a coincidence and he could have something else causing the lameness. I googled Sarcoid and this looks alot like Fibroblastic Sarcoid. Lets hope it's not and that this is something relatively innespective. Tnank you for all the replies. It helps me understand this condition as my horse who is only 11, doesn't have a lump on him except under his chin which he had since birth.
  6. My friends TB (27y/o) has 2 lumps on his inner thigh. Today it was raining really bad. I come home and he is in the back pony barn. No lights, electric or water. It's not basically a run-in. He wouldn't come to the main barn to eat, so I called him and he called back out. I immediatly ran to him and noticed he was not putting his leg down. I asked around and people suggested it was a stiple injury or sore muscle from falling. It's not swollen and nothing bleeding. I gave him a little bute. 1/2 regular dose. I left him in the stall and brought food and water to him. He ate. Has a great appitited. A couple of hours later, I went to check on him. He kept wanting to come out of the stall but could not. It was just too painful. I went back to the main barn to get something things and extra hay. When I got back, he managed to make his way out of the stall. I coaxed him into the barn. It took me like 2 hours. The attached pictures are what I found. Could this be the cause of his pain? If so, what is it?
  7. Horse has NO frogs!

    Serah Rose: Thanks for posting my pictures!
  8. Horse has NO frogs!

    Well, here are the after photos. Judge for yourself. He's not in pain and he has a spark in his eyes. Feet are cleaned everyday. Frog is slowly coming back and the farrier came today for another trim. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
  9. Horse has NO frogs!

    The Ferrier suggested I do that. He said to put the echthomol on first, then sprinkle some salts on it, then soak his foot. I've been putting in a bucket and he just stands there for 20 minutes. He's such a good horse.
  10. Let me clarify, it swelled up prior to the shoes coming off. It actually went down a little by the time the ferrier came out.

  11. RE: Your comment regarding horse with no Frog. I have to say, your comment made so much sense to me and it scares me because the ferrier came out on Sunday and took off his shoes. It did exactly what you said, it swelled up in the middle. He doesn't seem to be showing any signs of pain though as he is walking normally. I have him in a penned up area where he can walk around.Email me s_ga...

  12. Horse has NO frogs!

    FYI: This horse is not gaited. He is an appendix.
  13. Horse has NO frogs!

    Sorry guys. I don't have access to a computer until I get to work. Okay, I've been using tomorrow on his hoof everyday. The day after that picture, his frog was swollen. Now I know that frogs don't grow in 1 day so I assumed it was highly infected. My farrier did a beautiful job on trimming his feet and now I'm soaking it in ebsom salt, bedadine and icthomol?? Something like that. I will add photos soon.
  14. Horse has NO frogs!

    Thanks! Should I continue wrapping it after it's trimmed? There is this product called Tomorrow which is an antibiotic (see link) Tomorrow I'm applying it for 9 days total and packing it with cotton then, lining the bottom with a piece of plastic and vet wrap. After the vet comes, should I just leave him barefoot. Can he walk out in my field or should I continue to pen him in a confined area?
  15. Horse has NO frogs!