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  1. Colt That Needs Bandaged

    Thank you everyone for the replies. Yes, a vet was contacted and he didn't need stitches. The cut was located on the cannon bone on the front leg. I eventually got him accustomed to me touching it and working by it and was able to get a gauze on it. He did very well. I thank you all that replied, now I know what I can use if I don't have gauze. Thank you again.
  2. Colt That Needs Bandaged

    Hi, So I have this 7 yo gelding that had been abused that I have been working with for 30 days now, and he cut himself up. Its pretty bad, but doesn't need stitches. I tried bandaging it and he won't let me near him with the gauze, but he will let me wrap it with cling gauze instead. Is that stuff ok to substitute it for the regular gauze or will it cause more troubles? I just need to keep the flies out of it and keep it from bleeding all over. Tori
  3. How Old Before You Can Ride A Young Filly

    What I normally do is wait until they are 3. I have found that at three they are more able to understand better, seem to be more willing to work, and if there has been enough ground work done, most of the time they won't even buck. A three year old is better prepared physically as well, most of the time two year old's have trouble driving from the hindquarters and tend to be heavy on the forehand. I wouldn't let her sit though; keep working with her and keeping her thinking but don't sour her. As soon as she gets what your asking and seems to be understanding and calm stop the session. The sessions don't have to last three hours. If the horse is getting what you want don't push them. Most likely they will feel rushed and become nervous. I have ended sessions between 1/2 hour and 3/4 hour before and I'm not ashamed to say it. Rushing a horse destroys their confidence. As for jumping, I have dabbled a little in jumping, never trained or showed big time; but I always understood that they needed to be completely done growing before you start with serious jumping. My guess would be trotting over ground poles between the standards would be fine though. I had thought I had read somewhere that 7-8 before they start jumping depending on the breed. I hope this helps, and if anyone disagrees with me please let me know, No one knows everything. Tori
  4. Clinics

    I am putting on a clinic for beginner to intermediate riders; And I don't want to bore my students to death with a college like lecture. What do you guys find nice about clinics, what you would change if you were running a clinic? Tori
  5. Bad Management At The Lazy J

    Haha ok, So they just so happened to miss place your items, while they were using/moving them without your knowledge or permission while you were not present. I totally understand. You don't know if someone actually stole them, so you don't want to say it and have it not be true...
  6. Bad Management At The Lazy J

    I totally agree with you. I would be very upset if my horse was moved for no reason. I am a trainer and I board the horses that I train. I have had to move horses before due to them not getting along with their neighbors etc. As for the stolen tack, I would had been livid. I would have definitely lit a fire under the BO butt. I would had almost been more upset about the tack being thrown around and taken than the horse moved, because MAYBE (doubtful) they had a reason for moving her? BTW. Tori is my name too. Spelling is the same and everything =)
  7. Horse Trainers

    I don't know if this helps you at all, but I am a horse trainer in Montana, and the average distance of my clients are about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. But, up here, trainers that use natural horsemanship are few and far between, so that could have a huge impact on my clientele. Also, the only reining trainer that I know of that professionally trains horses for reining is 3 hours away from me. Its a hard choice to chose a trainer far away, and many are leery of making the wrong choice (don't blame them). What I have had a lot of my clients do is ask for references, testimonials, videos of me riding horses and I provide every client with a training journal after every ride to the owner. After the horse is gone it's published so new customers can read it (with permission from the owner of course)I also invite the owner to come ride with me on their horse before the horse goes home, to make sure there isn't any problems with the horse prior to sending him home. So I guess, if I were to send my horse to a trainer, I would do a lot of digging. Ask around, horse people will be the first to say if they don't like a trainer. If the trainer isn't willing to cooperate, don't do business with them I hope this helps out, I know you probably didn't want to hear it from a trainer, but I had to put my two cents in =)
  8. Big Horn Saddle Number 333

    Thanks Jack!
  9. Big Horn Saddle Number 333

    Thanks! So that gives me the pretty good idea that its older than a '63 Thanks! I will try and look up something with the P infront of the number! Do you know if this saddle is worth anything?
  10. Big Horn Saddle Number 333

    Well mine is a western Saddle, I don't know much about Big Horn saddles so I couldn't tell you much
  11. Big Horn Saddle Number 333

  12. Big Horn Saddle Number 333

    Mine is behind the cantle. http://s1161.photobucket.com/albums/q507/VSNH/Big%20Horn%20Saddle%20333/?action=view&current=DSCN2538.jpg I have two Big Horns. The other one is also located behind the cantle and is 404
  13. Big Horn Saddle Number 333

    I have a Big Horn Saddle, Number 333. Anyone know anything about them? I have heard of them, and I know the knew ones, but I know nothing about the old ones. The leather has been well kept, the latigos and the saddle strings need some repair, but like I said the saddle it's self is in fantastic condition. I will attach pictures, (If I can figure it out) http://photobucket.com/BighornSaddle333 This link should just take you to the album on my photobucket account.
  14. http://t.co/bLry7OXL

    Well, Our ad is available in Western Horseman! I haven't picked up an issue yet, but we are on the website! So excited!