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  1. "repairing" My Horse's Health

    Thank you for your responses. I am definitely going to check out the Equibase , Calf Manna,and flax. Again, I appreciate everyone's replies tremendously. I have never dealt with as many equine health issues as I have with Jaeger. He is the one who will definitely teach me more than I thought I needed to know!
  2. "repairing" My Horse's Health

    After piecing together Jaeger's past history, I have come to a pretty solid conclusion his former owners were the least concerned about maintaining his health. Absence of worming, nutrition, and general horse care left my boy with thread worms, choke, and susceptible to constant skin problems. Thank God his feet are fantastic. The thread regarding NTW helped tremendously....we were able to "clear" up much of his skin with the double dosing of Equimax (with a little help of dandruff shampoo, Listerene, and MTG). He is also fed 3.5# of Senior feed (though he is seven) every other day to supplement and maintain his weight (he is on pasture). It is extremely watered down, almost bisque consistency; however, there is no loss of nutrients as he will slurp and lick every morsel. My dilemma...I still don't believe he is still at good health. His coat, mane , and tail aren't those of a healthy horse. In the four months I have had him, his m&t have grown a solid 4-5 inches....but his coat isn't anywhere near a shine and his mane and tail feel like straw. He has been vet checked and I was told to continue as I have been. I am just not satisfied with that answer given his past lack of care. My question...given his past lack of care and current condition, are there supplements you would suggest? As always, thank you for your replies!
  3. Confidence

    I had a very nasty fall a few years back, but got back on. Eventually got a TWH who was the perfect horse for me. Circumstances being as they were, I didn't own a horse for the last eight years. I started with taking riding lessons...I wanted to not only refresh what I knew, but gain knowledge of what I didn't. Lemme tell ya, I forgot a lot of the little things and became knowledgeable in a totally different type of horsemanship that I was not brought up with. After searching months for the right horse for me, I found Jaeger. Guess what-i was scared to no end to ride. I made constant excuses. Jaeger is a kind, gentle soul so I had no reason to even fathom any notion he would intentionally harm me. There is still a fear from my past that held me back. The first time I rode, five minutes into it, my fears took over and I was ready to hop off. So I just sat there for a moment, told myself to buck up and quit forcing my fears to the surface. Lemme tell ya, five seconds after I exhaled that deep pitted breath, so did Jaeger. That was my complete a-ha moment. The ground work, the retraining-all there in that moment. Man, how I missed feeling that connection with a horse. My nervous energy was contagious, my positive energy was the key. If you have access to a trainer, please consider lessons. It is truly a confidence builder when your trainer tells you " You GOT this." Also, you need to first trust yourself! Gain the ground work. Just like with most everything, the more you do something, the more comfortable you become. I am still working on my confidence, but it gets easier each time. Just my rambling two cents.... :-)
  4. How Would You Proceed?

    I completely embrace his willingness and eagerness to be involved. Very grateful to be honest-it sure does make horse ownership easier, not to mention I get to spend more time with him. I should clarify the "dog" mentality...I don't think he appreciates just the shear size, weight, mentality of a horse. We have a two hour drive ahead of us today, so I am taking all of y'alls advice and use that tome to convince him to start lessons NOW. If that doesn't work, we have a two hour ride back... The good Lord didn't bless women with the gift of gab for nothing! As always, thank you so much for your input!
  5. How Would You Proceed?

    Just had one of those moments not too long ago....he no longer wears flip flops around the barn or horses. When Jaeger stepped on him, he caught the "Yep, didn't tell you so" look!
  6. How Would You Proceed?

    Long story, hopefully I don't ramble. My dear hubby has never been around horses until recently when I purchased my paint Jaeger. At first, it was "my thing", his was golf. I don't think he realized the connection that can be established. Well, he fell in love with Jaeger, to the point of him wanting to take riding lessons and entertaining the thought of a second horse (DIL rides so it wouldn't be "just" for him.) Now, here is my dilemma: I can't get him on the thought process of a horse is not a dog! I am trying to "correct" (sometimes in a bite the tongue voice) some of his horse=dog mentality. Now, granted I am soft at heart when it comes to my Jaeger, but I won't put up with his acting up without correction. DH wants to pet and love on him and accepts bad behavior as "that is his personality". I have been giving him pointers (OK, so he really doesn't consider them pointers!) but yet the 1000 pound dog thinking hasn't gone away. I will give DH mucho kudos for wanting to learn and become completely involved, but how would you mold or change the mind set? He will be taking riding lessons in a few months, and I know he will be exposed to horses with a different perspective (TPL is a great teacher). Maybe he should take lessons NOW.
  7. Forrest Gump Wedding

    Absolutely GOREGOUS! Congrats!
  8. Help Me Win?

    Done deal! (Fb Brandy D) Sad to say my profile pic is that of vodka bottles
  9. My Kitten Vet Visit

    Poor baby. Kudos to you for saving her!
  10. Old School Customer Service

    I feel fortunate to find this place. Maybe I should get them to bottle up their customer service and distribute it? Wouldn't life be grander? :-)
  11. Old School Customer Service

    This little gem is smack dab right in Covington off Columbia St. Love it ! That is the one plus I get for having to travel that gosh forsaken Causeway! You might remember my Jaeger...he was the paint in the back pasture with TPL's horses. In his former "life" he was also known as Buddy. He is soooo not a Buddy. Hope all is well your way! (I am slightly're back in my home state :-) )
  12. Old School Customer Service

  13. Horse Insurance?

    Thank you both...each answered exactly what I was looking for!
  14. Horse Insurance?

    Given the expense of what a major surgery would cost, is it financially reasonable to get this type of coverage? What about mortality insurance? I am a little curious if anyone has carried insurance on a horse for either coverages and found it beneficial? You will have to excuse my ignorance on the subject - I am sure there are many variables and possible whatifs, but curiosity has gotten the best of me!
  15. Old School Customer Service

    I live in an area where I really have one choice of a feed store. The other day while working about 40 miles away in a more "horse friendly" area, I found a feed store that looked like a feed store and not a pet supply store that just happened to carry equine supplies. The store even has the old wooden floors (it's the small things in life that bring back great memories!). I began asking the young girl behind the counter about what feeds they carry. Instead of the common reply "What are you feeding now? We carry that", she recommended I speak with her manager who would be best to explain their feeds. (Note the word 'explain'). Within 20 seconds, the manager comes out and I begin asking about the feed. He then proceeds to ask about my horse, personality, health, etc.,. At this point, my eyes are about popping outta my head as I am thinking "Thank you God, finally someone who knows what they are talking about." After discussing their full line and what his recommendations were (which was to stay with what I was using), he offered to come look at Jaeger. "Ma'am, I would be more than happy to come see,weigh and score your horse for you and give any other further recommendations on supplements and feed." Insert my gasping for air expression. I thanked him bought two bags of feed (btw..$4 per bag cheaper than the other store). I can't even begin to remember the last time I received true customer service. I think I was giddy for the rest of the day!