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  1. What Game Is This

    Haha I was just about to say that! As soon as you said gathering things and catching wild horses. I use to play that game for HOURS!
  2. What To Ask The Vet

    As some of you may know I come on this board a lot to get advice about my 11 year old quarter horse gelding. He continues to founder/have laminitis (yes I know these are chronic diseases) even with diet change. He has foundered/laminitis three and *possibly* four times since July 2011. This past June I started taking him back onto trails. Around two weeks ago we went two miles on soft grass with out any problem. The next day I decided to let him have a break and just go around half a mile. The day after that I went outside in the morning, fed and put on his grazing muzzle, asked him to walk around and pivot and all was well. I came home that night and he was limping on his left leg. I gave him an Ace shot and gram of Bute. Unfortunately I had to go to a funeral in Ohio and had to leave for a week. So I had a friend come and see him twice a day and instructed her to give him a gram of Bute a day. She sends me pictures and videos of him slowly and slowly getting better which I assume is the Bute. As of Saturday he was galloping around and playing in his field. He still is and has been off Bute for three days. (Sorry in getting to the point of this novel, cookies to anyone who reads all this). I decided to call a vet from out of town who used to be my main vet until we moved my horse home and which makes my horse out of his normal route so he can really only come for emergencies. I really liked this vet before so I'm hoping for good things. He will be here tomorrow and I was wondering what I should ask? Is there any other disease that works like laminits or founder? Should I talk about boots? Anyone think of any questions I should ask? Thanks and sorry it's so long I'm just trying to be precise! Oh and for reference this is Biscuit's current weight: Sorry it's not ideal.
  3. Update

    I had the dye about two years ago after a concussion. It's not that bad, it does make your mouth feel like you need to keep swallowing and my fingertips felt really wet. I didn't notice my headaches being any worse after it though. Sending good thoughts your way!
  4. Wrongful Termination?

    I've always heard innocent until proven guilty so with out proof there was no reason for her to be fired.
  5. Hunting Question

    Woods-n-Water is the only one I know of that Includes pictures like that. But I'm not sure which states it includes.
  6. I wouldn't think so... (I am not a saddle fitter though). I have a roper's western saddle and an English saddle for show jumping. The English saddle seems more "coushey" and is light weight. But I wouldn't know... I'm not a horse!
  7. Have You Ever Met A Horse You Didn't Like?

    I had this mare about three years ago and we were not friends. I was working to get her from being so green to being a show worthy lesson pony and she definitely tested my patients. It was funny though because her name was "Satin" but on the feed board we made it to "Satan". Crazy chestnut mares...
  8. Pink Line Around Coronary Band? Pics

    I actually put in a bit of Apple Cider Vinegar to mix with the dawn ad water but since the dawn already works so well I couldn't notice any major change.
  9. Pink Line Around Coronary Band? Pics

    I can't speak for the hooves really but I do have an "IR" horse. I say that in quotes because while his test results came back negative, I was advised to treat him like an IR horse. (Yes, 70 bucks down the drain but oh well). My guy gets SmartPak's IR supplement and a biotin supplement. He wears a muzzle from 7 to 7 and is allowed to free graze at night. The feed with the best NSC that I have found is Triple Crown Lite which my horse will be fed in the winter. As for the thrush my favorite thing is Thrush Buster. It absolutely works miracles on Florida's tropical climate. In addition to it once a week (unless the thrush is bad then everyday), I use Trinity's brilliant idea of putting a few squirts of Dawn dish soap into a spray bottle with water and scrub really nicely. Afterwards put in the buster.
  10. Chromium Only?

    I have to say the muzzle is probably the best thing I've ever used to help my boy loose weight. It goes on from 7 to 7. My horse was tested for IR but it came back negative although the vet still recommended keeping him on an IR supplement. He recommended 2,000g vitamin E to be in it and this also seems to help. If you feel better about giving him a feed continue on a low amount and try Triple Crown Lite. A lot of senior feeds help keep weight on which is not what you want.
  11. Vote Request?

    It let me vote and I'm in the US :)
  12. Swelling And Soreness?

    Sounds about right! He is fine now, swelling is gone and we are going for a short trail after dinner. Thanks for confirming!
  13. Swelling And Soreness?

    I think everyone is getting pretty tired of me on this board but always feel like I should check here before freaking out or doing something wrong... But anyways here it goes tropical storm Debby hit here bad from Saturday evening to early this morning. I like to keep my horse outside during this because I have a single stall that he hates so I feel like I will be doing more harm than good. (The stall door was open and he can go in it whenever he wants.) I went out today when it wasn't raining and he was lying down. Which isn't abnormal for him. He jumped right up easily without having to put on a halter or anything. Everything was great until I noticed his legs were swollen (mainly in the bak but a bit in the front). He also seemed a bit sore but continued to want to walk at a fast pace. He had a cut on his side that was probably an inch long and not deep at all, more like a nik if that changes anything. So I cleaned him up, gave a gram of Bute and a touch of Ace just so he didn't get feeling too good from the Bute. I also sprayed DMSO on his legs for the swelling. Is there any specific reason for this? My best guess is he stood up the entire time it was raining and got poor circulation? Edit- Is this stalking up?
  14. Round Pen Sand

    I'm trying to keep things softer on my horse's feet and just can't bring myself to buying boots yet. I would rather wait for his flare to grow out before buying boots too big. So just curious what type of round pen material do you have down? How often is it replaced? What's the general price? Depending on price for this pen I would also be interested I knowing if plowing the area is significant enough to help his feet? Thanks in advance!
  15. My New Kitten Needs A Name

    Ridge Canyon Hunter Cliff Zion Ranger Warden Kodiak Quill Gale Echo Stone Clay Rocky Journey Blaze Trekk I'll try to think of more!