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  1. Sweets 2012 Foal Watch

    Sorry to hear there wont be a foal. I know exactly how it feels, the same thing happened with my mare Cheyenne. It's disappointing, especially after anticipating it for so long, but at the same time it is a relief to know that, other than having a fat mare, everything is ok and you can stop worrying about all the things that could be wrong. Better luck to you and Sweets next time if you try again in the future.
  2. How is Ryder doing, have they gotten to come home yet?
  3. Sweets 2012 Foal Watch

    How is Sweets doing? Is there going to be a baby anytime soon???
  4. Cheyenne's First Foal Watch

    I was hoping she was too but oh well at least she's ok other than being extremely fat which can and and will be fixed. We aren't going to breed her again anytime soon. I'd love to have a baby from her but my husband wants to buy a horse that he can ride and we're in the process of trying to buy our own place. So, we're just going to wait until we know where we're going to be and what we're going to have before we decide to try again.
  5. Cheyenne's First Foal Watch

    Well the vet was just out and there is no baby... just a very fat mare. Time to start diet and exercise for my pretty little porkchop!
  6. Cheyenne's First Foal Watch

    She was bred May 31st June 1st and June 3rd so the date can't be off. She was checked by our vet in June then again towards the end of July and was in foal, someone if not myself has checked on her every day and never noticed anything wrong but who knows maybe she lost the foal at some point? Could that have happened with out anyone noticing??? Or maybe she is still in foal and just taking her time? I just hope all is well with her and the baby if there's still a baby.
  7. Cheyenne's First Foal Watch

    She hasn't been checked by a vet since July, but we are having one come out on Friday to see what's going on (if anything) and make sure everything is ok. I'll be sure to ask him about her weight and see what we should do from there.
  8. Cheyenne's First Foal Watch

    There really isn't much to cut back on, she get less than 2lbs of smart choice feed (just enough to give her mare plus every day), maybe 4lbs alfalfa cubes and pasture (and there isnt a ton of grass in the pasture).
  9. Cheyenne's First Foal Watch

    Video of Cheyenne at 364 days...
  10. Cheyenne's First Foal Watch

    Chey is at 366 days today and still no signs of being any closer to foaling, I'm always saying "If this horse isn't pregnant she's most definitely obese!". I took some more pics and a video two days ago I'll post the video once I get it uploaded but probably won't post any pics until next week.
  11. Neveahs Foal Watch

    Unless she's being like my mare who is 363 days today and still showing no signs of foaling anytime soon
  12. Cheyenne's First Foal Watch

    Thank you eskie, I only have a couple of pics of the sire but they aren't very good, but I will try to post one of him next time I get a chance.
  13. Cheyenne's First Foal Watch

    Thanks Briana!
  14. Cheyenne's First Foal Watch

    Thanks Spiffy!
  15. Cheyenne's First Foal Watch

    Video from today (357 days)