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  1. Finally my I phone is here!

  2. I just saw a man running down my street wearing only a Santa hat!

  3. I Am A Top Ten Finalist. Will You Vote For Me?

    Done! You deserve that kitchen! Hope you get it.
  4. Cinches

    I recently switched from the neoprene to the felt lined smart cinch. I love it, neoprene made my horse sweat way too much. Loving the felt lined. I have used the rope strings and they are okay.
  5. Allegany Mountain Trail Saddles (Amts)

    I am getting ready to buy one from them. A lady at our barn just bought one and I will have to say it is the nicest saddle I have ever seen. I did sit in it, her seat is a bit bigger than what I would like but it felt really nice. I love the custom order options and for the price, I have a circle y used and spent more money on that I am ready to trade in somewhere.
  6. Sweets 2012 Foal Watch

    So sorry this has been a bad year for foaling.
  7. Foundation Qh People !

    I have a foundation gelding who is 94%. I see otoe in there. Otoe was the son of sugar bars and sold for 20,000 as a yearling. Here is a story on him. Peppy san badger is another good name. I love foundation bred they are layed back and have a really great mind. My boy is the easiest horse I have ever have trained. If you want to learn more about the foundation bred horses is a series of books on the quarter horse. Otoe is in there, pepppy and many others. I believe there are 7 books. The books really give you a insight on making your quarter horse tick.
  8. What Does Everyone Do

    I'm a Reg nurse specializing in cardiac open heart patients which I really love but stressful at times. My horses are my destressers.
  9. We Still Need Help!

    It says page not found.
  10. Pinterest.

    LOve it! I keep mostly horse stuff I want on there like my wish list. Great recipes too. Feel free to add me or if you want an invite.
  11. Been Away For A While

    I'm sorry about the cancer, you will get your butt back in the saddle.
  12. For Thoses Who Have Lost A Hose/pony

    Here is a bracelet from someone that makes them on etsy. I saved this plan on having one made for my barn owner who regretably sold her horse to a friend of mine. I'm going to take some of the mane and tail and have them made for her for christmas.
  13. Sweets 2012 Foal Watch

    Happy foaling to you!
  14. Ok Kids, Looking For Advice Here.

    Leave the mane. Once you roach takes forever to grow out. I would plait it if you needed it. Like they do for hunt shows. The plaits Takes a while to do but I think it looks so elegant and it lasts longer than a braided mane. The helmet I wear no matter what. I think you should wear one just working around horses. I knew of a very experienced trainer a few years ago at a barn near us. She was just picking up a horses back feet got kicked in the head and had so much brain damage her family had to let her go. She had 30 years of horse training. Helmets can take only so much force but it at least gives you some cushion.