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  1. Thank you. It is getting old. I feel sorry for you admins.
  2. Thanks Heidi... appreciate your support. You have to laugh at his comments though... I mean, I know I am overweight but geesh, I am not a cow that needs a hoist to get on a horse LOL! Nick, I never personally attacked anyone on this site, ever, unless someone had personally attacked me and I was defending myself. I may have posted subjects that people may not necessarily be comfortable with, or a large following may not have agreed with, but that is not called personal attacks. That is called posting on a debate board and having a healthy debate.
  3. LOL true! Good for business I suppose. I should start charging for my controversial posts haha!
  4. It would be really nice if we all could debate, with our OWN opinions, no matter what they maybe, without stooping to personal attacks.
  5. Barrel Guy has certainly gone on more than the three different occasions and personally attacked me- which I then would report and if he got an infraction, which I do not know, but if he did, he has certainly used up his three strikes your out thing. Apparently, no one is actually being punished for personal attacks. So, if no one is really doing anything about them, well, I will defend myself. And thank you Heidi. I do recall saying that if one believes they are not harming themselves, then fine, great. If they are really as talented as they claim to be, then no, they probably are not harming their horses.
  6. The sad thing here is.... you breed. Surprised you found someone dumb enough to breed with you.
  7. Does it matter? I could say trail riding, or that I was an Olympic Jumper and still wouldn't believe me. That being said, I will have to look through my photo albums and upload some photos.
  8. Also makes you look like a fool to assume but you do it... on an almost daily basis. I am just throwing at you guys what you throw at me, once again, on an almost daily basis. Maybe you guys really hate me and just want me to leave, so, you continually do it in hopes that I will, but I am like the sand burr under your saddle pad. I ain't going nowhere. Unless I am banned which would be outside of my control.
  9. Just like everyone is assuming about me. Just because I do not currently ride, does not mean I do not have riding experience/time/training.
  10. Your profile pic says it all there Barrelbuddy. Go turn and burn some more barrels and ruin some more horses. I may not be an EXPERT, but I certainly know what I need to know for the riding I do do. You sit here and say you aren't well versed in bits and yet you throw whatever in the horse's mouth, have extreme contact and chase cans. You are the very definition of the people that should not own a bit.
  11. Waiting For Others To Join @ Restaurant

    Ozland, holy crap what is YOUR problem? Every so often you get.... very WEIRD like this. That time of the month or did your meds run out? Jimney crickets.
  12. Extruded Horse Feed

    It would likely be beneficial to those that also have to eat a lot of grain to maintain weight. I DO like the idea of feeding less grain if the nutrient numbers are correct- as well as there is less digestion taking place in the cecum.
  13. I think we should all take pictures the next time the dentist is out! Would be a fun little exercise anyways.
  14. Extruded Horse Feed

    Here ya go Heidi: Which is Better: Extruded or Pelleted Feed? Let’s start of by explaining the difference between extruded and pelleted feed. Extrusion is a process in which feed is ground, quickly cooked at a high temperature, and processed under high pressure. The feed is then pushed through a die, which makes the feed a unique and uniform shape. Extrusion often improves the feed’s digestibility. Pelleted feeds are not cooked, and are prepared at a much lower temperature and pressure. Both pelleting and extrusion can improve the digestibility of raw feed ingredients, specifically grains such as corn, oats and barley. The more grains there are in a formula, the more likely extrusion will improve the feed’s digestibility. There are examples of each feed type below. The extruded feed has a unique triangle shape, while the pelleted feed is, well, pellet shaped http://www.starmilling.com/E-Marketing/PDF/1.pdf