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  1. Sweets 2012 Foal Watch

    We are going to try again next spring (I prefer having babies born Jan-April anyway). Dr. Alexander said that everything inside felt normal, her uterus, ovaries, etc. Yes she'll be preg/twin checked after we try again
  2. Sweets 2012 Foal Watch

    Vet was just out. She's not pregnant, just fat. She's always been one of those mares that never truly dries up but she usually never gets a small bag with it, apparently this year she is just going for weird. We won't rebreed this year.
  3. Sweets 2012 Foal Watch

    Dr. Alexander is coming out to look at her tomorrow around 11:30ish am. I say "ish" because only 2 Dr's work at his office and if an emergency happens well it could be midnight before I see him. So tomorrow I will know what's going on, if she is or isn't and why she has a bag with milk and wax if she's not. I'm just crossing my fingers that everything is ok. I'll update everyone as soon as I know.
  4. Sweets 2012 Foal Watch

    Still no baby! I'm calling my vet tomorrow and hopefully everything is alright! I'll let you know when the vet is coming out and what the verdict is=)
  5. Sweets 2012 Foal Watch

    No baby... she still looks about the same, udder looks slightly bigger. If it weren't for the fact that she's loose and does have at least somewhat of an udder with sticky on the teats off and on, I'd say she was just fat. I'm actually going to call and talk to the vet on weds instead of thurs so we can schedule him to hopefully come out thurs.
  6. Sweets 2012 Foal Watch

    Oh and my friend and I were joking around with names and I told her that if it's a filly we should name her VIPs Fashionably Late aka Diva.
  7. Sweets 2012 Foal Watch

    Still no baby. She has 5 more days before I call the vet. I really do think she got some fescue grass I was reading up on it and along with prolonged gestation it can cause them to not fully bag too=/ her udder looks a little fuller today and feels a little fuller too. She had sticky stuff on one teat again and her udder also felt warm. She was doing a lot of tail swishing and belly kicking in her stall along with belly glancing. *fingers crossed* that she foals before the vet comes and all I need is the vet telling me that both momma and foal are fine=)
  8. Pot Belly Pig

    Potbelly Piglets are the cutest! I have a good friend who just recently had 2 litters, one litter is about a month old now and the other litter was just born yesterday=) I can't wait to see pics either!
  9. Sweets 2012 Foal Watch

    No problem, I'm growing more nervous as each day inches closer to "call the vet day". Still no baby... She's still loose in the hoohoo but her udder looks smaller=/ (that's another thing usually she has a nice full udder by now...) She still seem uncomfortable but not stressed or in any distress. Maybe she's shooting for a Friday the 13th baby? I could have sworn she'd foal the week of the 4th because I was out of town 4 nights that week, over an hour away each night!
  10. Sweets 2012 Foal Watch

    Still no baby today. She's more loose in her hoohoo and had a drip of milk on her right teat today. Plunger anyone?
  11. Sweets 2012 Foal Watch

    Finally got the phone to sync! I should also note that after I took the pic, I wiped the drops away on each teat (both were super sticky) and after a few mins, she was starting to get them again=) Boobies: Hoohoo:
  12. Sweets 2012 Foal Watch

    Still no baby! This is sooo unlike her. She hasn't ever gone more than a week over. The only thing that I can think of is that I usually have my horses foaling Jan-April and we'll since there's been grass, I've been letting the girls on it every now and then for a few hours since about April... this was before I learned that we have fescue grass mixed in=/ Now onto the good news, she had wax on both teats this am and is super loose in her hoohoo, her whole butt is relaxed and even the lower part of her back is relaxed. She's also getting red inside, not deep red yet but def. not pink. The baby has also gone from being able to be felt from both sides to only being able to be felt from the right side. I'm attempting to upload pics (my computer hates syncing to my phone). I'm giving her until the 19th before I call my vet out.
  13. Neveahs Foal Watch

    He's adorable!
  14. Sweets 2012 Foal Watch

    Still no baby but momma is increasingly miserable. She still has sticky drops on each teat and has been rubbing her bum. I was just joking when I said she was waiting for the 4th but now I think it may be true!
  15. Misty Sue's Foal Watch

    Sayge, Sweets acts dramatic when she lays down for her REM stage sleep at this point too. She'll lay flat out and groan the whole time! Can't wait! Maybe we'll get babies on the same day!