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  1. New To Horses

    Those are all great ideas, I do want to try and find a trainer that will come to our place and give him and I both lessons together. He is really really good and has no issues with you picking up his feet and messing with them. And yes eventually I do want to get another horse I just want to be particular and get a good broke one so they can both help me learn. I will for sure be checking out Clinton Anderson and Craig Camerons. Thanks and keep suggestions coming.
  2. New To Horses

    Thank you!!
  3. (MehPenn from Lab-Retriever)

  4. New To Horses

    Hi Everyone, I am new to Horses but have always loved them. My daughter who is 22 got her first horse about a year ago we always had it boarded but just recently moved it over on to our property after getting a building and pasture fenced in for him. He is a 15 year old paint horse. I really want to get involved with all aspects of horsemanship. So I may have many questions. He really is a great horse very gentle. My daughter took some classes but really is a beginner herself. I just really want to learn and do groundwork with him and be confident enough to ride and handle him, his name is Broker and that fits him well. He is broker than broke. I just need some tips and tricks on what to start with and how to start with him, he is very sweet. Thanks All!