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  1. New Here Just Sayin Hi

    Thanks Siseley! Looks like it would be a blast riding around there! Great pics by the way! Hopefully I'll have a pic or two to post soon.
  2. In Foal..how Much Exercise Can I Get Away With?

    Thank you for responding Demon's Mom I agree 100% some shouldn't be left studs and there's nothing wrong with geldings. I just prefer the girls.
  3. In Foal..how Much Exercise Can I Get Away With?

    Thank you for posting CVM! I'm just relaying the story the way it was told to me...Lol I never had too much trouble from my stallion..He would get a little ornery around mares in season..but that's to be expected...but he never got away from me..ever. I know all studs aren't the same tho too some are dangerous because of handling practices. I'm not bad mouthing the past owner.. Im VERY grateful to have these horses!!! So I didnt ask many questions...just took things at face value and the horses do look very healthy. I think the lady just got a little deep in work and lost time for the fun stuff and decided to scale back where she could enjoy them again...she seemed really frustrated... I had boarded 10 stalls back in the 80s, by the time I got done with my full time job plus OT and maintenance and all I didnt have alot of time to ride as much as I wanted..It was like pullin teeth collecting rent even at 20 a month...So Ive been there too as Im sure alot of folks have. Getting back to the point tho... I would be interested in stopping the pregnancy as long as it was safe to do so. Quarabs are great horses!..Its just not what I want and my mare has only been saddled a few times... Im not sure if she's ever been ridden. I want to get started working with her... Waiting another year to get started kinda bites. Ive been away from horses 26 years..Im just really anxious to get started. I agreed to take the mare before she was exposed, but the mare is nice enough I didnt want to back out.
  4. Cb Foal Watch 2012

    Congrats!!! She's a cutie!!!
  5. In Foal..how Much Exercise Can I Get Away With?

    No I haven't. The horses were given to me and I won't have them in my possession until May 8th give or take a day. I'm waiting on family to deliver them. I've met with the owner and have seen the horses in person and they are secure on family property. She was bred to the stallion once before and it was successful first run. The stallion got away from the owner on March 28th and bred her 10 times before they got things back under control and she was in season. Once I get her here I do plan to have her checked to verify. I kinda hope she isn't... Hope that doesn't sound bad... If I'm going to breed her, I'd like to choose a QH stallion. I don't intend to rush into breeding and hope to breed her responsibly in a few years after I feel a bit more confident and I'm sure it's the right thing to do and to a stallion that goes with her linage. I plan to keep the foal myself. Not expecting to get rich..the lottery would be cheaper and a lot easier I'm sure...Lol I just want a flashy filly that I can start with from day 1...If its a colt..we'll see... I've had a stallion before and I'd rather let someone else deal with that...Lol He was a good boy, quiet and level headed even tho he was said to had been bred hot, but I spent a whole lotta time with him too from a weanling. I just don't want the liability that goes with a stud. Sorry for the verbosity, guess Im a bit excited.
  6. Hypp Testing Questions...

    Thanks Hibiscus! I really appreciate the help! There's so much to learn here and I know there is a very long learning curve. This is all intensely interesting! It'll be a couple years before I ever pair her up with a stallion and I'll have a million questions before I do. I thought I had a pretty good handle on confirmation, but again I'm having second thoughts...Lol I have no intention on playin hit and miss and hope I can do something good here and make a couple exceptional babies for my own use.
  7. New Here Just Sayin Hi

    Thank you jimy101, I've enjoyed the past few days for sure! The more I learn, the more questions I have...Lol I'll be drivin' everyone nuts before it's all over...Lol
  8. New Here Just Sayin Hi

    Thank you Sayge!
  9. New Here Just Sayin Hi

    Thank you PaintedWishes!
  10. New Here Just Sayin Hi

    Thanks GallopingGuitarist!
  11. Hypp Testing Questions...

    I appreciate the help!!!...The HYPP thing is new to me, My girl is N/N. After reading about the symptoms and attacks..yeah I didnt want any part of that either! Thank you for the help!!!
  12. Hypp Testing Questions...

    I could use some input... I've been reading a bit about HYPP (Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis) Tho my mare has been tested and is negative for the genetic issue, should I still follow the special diet to be sure to avoid any issues? Also can this arise in her progeny? Or Better worded should I have the foal checked too? and lastly... Did HYPP only show in Impressive progeny?
  13. Breeding In 2012

    My mare is due next March 2013 too! Yall have some really great lookin horses!!! I dont actually get possession of mine til next month early... Pretty excited...Lol I gotta get em cleaned up a bit but hopefully soon I can post some better pics
  14. Foaling Gone Wrong

    Hate to hear about that Miss... I saw this topic and was kinda afraid to read it because I was already paranoid...My mare is in foal too... It was an accidental breeding although she had a foal before by the same stallion and everything went fine... Still scares me tho. When I had horses before I had a stallion and mares..just was too afraid to risk breeding.. so many things can happen even after the birth. When I was young we lost a shetland foal to a mule not being aware the mule would strangle it. Guess the foal ventured too close to the neighbors fence and he got her.
  15. I Gave Away My Horse Today. . .

    Ive had to give mine up too several times thru my life..It does hurt i know too well. But by the same token I just had 2 given to me with one in foal...feast or famine...Lol I hope you can get Berry back at some point when finances get better!