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  1. Ryon Saddle Questions

    Thanks. I really do like it. I got it cleaned up and it looks great. I got the number wrong though. It is 7001, not 1001. Looked different after I cleaned it. Talked to Ryons and they are still trying to figure out which one it is. I guess the paperwork got messed up on that one, but he said it is theirs for sure.
  2. Ryon Saddle Questions

    I finally found a number on this saddle. It is 1001.
  3. Ryon Saddle Questions

    We came across this ryon saddle. It is in nice shape, needs to be softened up though. I am wondering what the triangle C on the fenders is about. A ranch stamp? Just wondering what kind of saddle this is, age, and where to find the number. We have looked and can't find anything. Any help would be appreciated. Picture isn't that great, having a hard time resizing. Thanks.
  4. Another Saddle Hereford Tex Tan

    More pics under Sputnik Hereford in gallery. Thanks.
  5. Ok, I saw the name on this saddle, but not the number. It is an older saddle that I may consider buying. Any opinions would be great. Trying to decide between the unknown brand I posted, and this one. Thanks.
  6. There are a couple more pics in the gallery under sputnik saddle. Thanks.
  7. We were looking at this saddle the other day. It says "The American" on the latigo. 1212 stamped behind the seat. It is about 24 years old or so. Couldn't find a maker on it. Any ideas? Thanks.