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  1. Signature Pictures?

    I want to post pictures in my signature but I can't, how do I? below is what happens when I try
  2. So, I Got A Paso Fino

    I have a new 8 year old Paso Fino,They used him, but didn't gait with him so I was wondering , since I'm new with gaited horses, how do I get him to gait, instructions? thanks in advance
  3. First Time Getting A Filly!

    Hi guys , I'm getting a new two month old filly and I need as many tips as possible, I know about horses, but I'm not that sure that they are the same as young little things, so as many tips would be awesome, also, about how big are two month old fillies?
  4. problem solved! WHOOOOO!!!

  5. First Time Getting A Filly!

    I will , I have three names but I can't decide, both need new names, I have Brown Sugar, Lucky, and Tango, they are both blonde, which do you guys prefer?
  6. First Time Getting A Filly!

    And also, when I get her I will try to post pictures so you guys can see how it's going and you can give me pointers on what to do, that is if you want but thanks you guys soooo much
  7. First Time Getting A Filly!

    The barn I work at and were I will keep my horse, there are people that have been with horses since forever, and they know a lot, the dam is a quality horse, amazing thing really, and OF COURSE I will be getting help, thank you guys, and tips would be great
  8. First Time Getting A Filly!

    I believe I am gonna get the dam and the filly, is that ok?
  9. First Time Getting A Filly!

    alright then I guess I will wait 4 months, or adopt a paint, I don't know, thanks guys
  10. So, I Got A Paso Fino

    the story was that the previous owners son rode him but wanted him to trot and gallop instead of gaiting all the time, he's been being ridden like that for 8 years more or less
  11. So, I Got A Paso Fino

    called the seller, you have pull back on the reins, kick and click, he gaited
  12. scared. very scared.

  13. oh thanks, sorry this is soooo late

  14. First Time Getting A Filly!

    I think shes been away from mom no more than 4-6 days
  15. First Time Getting A Filly!

    assuming the owner took back the dam, or the baby is with the dam, how long would it take for me to take the baby, I don't like how that sounds, for me to adopt the filly? would it be until she gets weaned?
  16. First Time Getting A Filly!

    then maybe I will not take it in, I told the owner she should get the mother back and keep her, I think she took my advice, so I'm glad I posted this, maybe I'll wait a few months, thank you guys sooo much,
  17. First Time Getting A Filly!

    could one of our other horses mother her? would we have to buy supplements and milk? aaahhhh
  18. First Time Getting A Filly!

    their owner could not pay for them any longer, they took the dam but not the filly
  19. Can Someone Please Help?

    So I was wondering , what are some cute accessories I could make at home, because i have a Paso Fino 8 year old, he looks like a wild little thing and all the other horse have handmade things, it's kind of like tradition were he is. I'm saving up to buy him a new bridle halter etc. but I would like him to have something homemade not only because of tradition but because it would be more important to me than buying. If anyone knew, that'd be nice. thanks in advance
  20. Can Someone Please Help?

    Thank You all sooo much!!
  21. Can Someone Please Help?

    how do you make those
  22. Can Someone Please Help?

    Thank you for replying , was beginning to lose hope
  23. Frustration. Still no answer to question. Can't wait till 3:45

  24. So, I Got A Paso Fino

    I guess they trained it out of him ? do you have any advice? other than get a trainer, cuz my friend is one, he's out of town for like a month and I kinda wanted to help him out, because I've heard it's a pain in the behind
  25. Horse Growth Time Line With Pics

    he looks beautiful as a three year old while your riding him