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  1. Hello everyone! Here comes a question from Finland :) I have an dressage saddle in (what i think) very fine condition. It says Sattlerei Beim Kloster Sch?nthal on it, but, unfortunately, the model on the flap is so worn out, so i cant read it. I sent an e-mail to courbette with the serial number, but they couldn't find any info. The only thing they could say was that it was an 31 cm tree. (What width is that? Normal, wide?) So now I turn to all of you, and hoping that maybe someone could give me some answers about the saddle. Does anyone know what model it is? And maybe how old this saddle could be? I?ve tried to ask around about the saddle both here in Finland and in Sweden, but nobody knows anything. In Finland they hardly even know what brand it is, in Sweden they know about the brand, but nothing else. I have the saddle for sale, but, because i don?t know anything about it, it?s very hard to get it sold. What price range would you put this saddle in? I've tried to google about it, but i don?t find much. Or, should i say that I do find quite a lot, but not the answers I'm looking for. Some pictures of the saddle you can find here: Kloster Sch?nthal It would be really great if anyone here could tell me something about the saddle. Thanks to all of you!