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  1. Supposed to be studying for warfare pin butttttt The League might be one of the funniest shows I ever watched.

  2. Juliette (my horse) must know it's Christmas because we just had one of our best rides in a long time! Or maybe it was the carrot overload she was greeted with.

  3. I had no clue that you're allowed to bring up to 4 people with the military free pass... nice surprise!

  4. Saddle Seat Size (English)

    Thank you for the replies! I guess I had an incorrect thought that the seat size was similar to clothing, the more you go up the bigger the flaps would get as well. Guess I better get off eBay and head into a tack shop to sit in some saddles :)
  5. I've waited 3 years & almost made Chelsea Scutt take a $60 cab ride in the Bahamas to eat here. Mmm Tropi Chop bowl.

  6. Plane landed at 7... still on plane because of a "discrepancy" with the door. Fly Allegiant!

  7. I told my mom a few weeks ago that (one day) I want a kitchen aid mixer as a wedding gift. I just got one for Christmas because "your dad and I have our doubts about you ever getting married". Thanks mom!

  8. Saddle Seat Size (English)

    I was wondering... how much of a difference does a 1/2 inch in the seat make when it comes to fit for the rider? My dressage saddle feels just a little small for me (my knees partially protrude over the knee rolls, tall people problems haha) so I was looking to go up a size. I just measured mine and found out it is a 17". Will a 17.5 make much of a difference? Or should I go for an 18"? I'm sticking with the same brand (Wintec Isabella) and I see 17.5 most commonly on eBay, but if that won't make enough of a difference I'll just keep waiting! Thanks!
  9. Could you do a search for "Barbara Lee"? That's my OTTB! I'd love to know about her race past.
  10. Making the decision between my IPhone 5 and a galaxy S4. S4 seems so promising but at the same time I feel such an attachment to my iPhone. Ahhhh.

  11. Absolutely love these Georgia back roads. I'm never going to make it to vacation, I keep stopping to take pictures of beautiful things & buy peaches.

  12. I want a convertible. Star gazingggg.

  13. Sitting behind the XO's kids at the change of command watching them pinch and poke each other while everyone was at attention made me remember being that kid... I almost mentioned that to the XO later but then I was like nah, he'll probably just look at me and think, **** I hope my kids don't end up enlisted hahahaha