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  1. New National Anthem

    Well since I received no pm's or emails contrary to that point, it must be moot. What are you wanting me to be banned? I know most of you don't like me, that's been evident for many years. Oh well, I'm not running a congeniality contest. But then most of you aren't either.
  2. New National Anthem

    What will you still be living in a camper cause you can't afford to build or buy a home? Poor pitiful you. Don't worry, obamination will give you welfare if he gets in. and the only changes would be different day on the calender. Get a life gf, you don't like me or anyother Christian that has the gall to stand up for strict Biblical truths, can't help that at all. You won't change my mind and I won't change yours. So live and let live.
  3. New National Anthem

    Thats funny, I got an email invitation to come back. Sorry if that disappoints you all.
  4. New National Anthem

    Just as you are the poster child I wouldn't want my children to grow up to be. Go ahead and finish you koolaid, and burrow your head deeper in the obama sand. Just one thing I didn't miss about this board. [ROTFL] eta: yaknow what qf, I've been back for quite awhile, just busy with my life, you know, working the Republican campaign booths, volunteering, phone calls, ya know real life stuff. Not just sit infront of a computer and see how big a b.......I can be like I see you really like to do. So you go on now and keep on keeping on, its funny how little changes here on HC, no matter how long one is gone.
  5. New National Anthem

    Wow, you really are something aren't you? can't say what but just something. I was invited back, don't like it, tough! I'm not supporting sacrilege, I'm outraged that so many Americans are drinking the koolaid and getting blindsided by such a blantant communist in democratic clothing.
  6. New National Anthem

  7. Not A Debate...

    [ROTFL] [ROTFL] So very true!
  8. They don't have the funds?!?!?!?! [ROTFL] please, do some more standup comedy ok? 10 grand a year for extra curricular activities for 2 young girls? Don't have the funds? [ROTFL] Then why did obama earmark nearly 3million dollars towards the hospital that his "i've never been proud of America before" wife work which gave her a raise, to be earning nearly 300,000 a year. But not enough funds? OMG!!!!!
  9. "my Fellow Prisoners"

    If we need to be worried about possible PTSD, then we need also worry about the flashbacks that obama could have from his years of drug use. What about his soon to be visiting the "57" state? Which in many minds equal the 57 islamic states, just tired? or his (my paraprasing until I can find the exact phrase)no one has asked me about my "muslim"faith yet, then covered to say Christian faith? eta: found it!!!! http://www.worldnetdaily.com/?pageId=74635 and its on other places too.
  10. Fixed my first post, Ok, wanted to comment on RL's post: I see that alot, with the upper middle class going to college instead of serving, which isn't a bad thing, but I think(my idea only) is that the lower middle class and more rural area's seem to be a touch more ready to serve our country. I see the kids going off to college from the more privilaged neighborhoods as wanted to change or help America by succeeding in their own chosen fields.(hope that makes sence) And the more rural and lower/middle class kids joining the military as their way of helping or change America. I feel that the rural/country kids are (again my own opinion)are tougher and more ready for the hardships faced by being in the military. Case in point: My son's graduating class, out of 28 kids, 6 mentioned wanting to join the military. Out of those 6, 4 joined. the other 2 decided that they didn't want to conform to the standards necessary to join, and both were town kids. So of those 4 only one was rural but non farm/ranch kid. We got 2 marines and 2 for the Army. Not sure if my rambling made sence, but again only my opinion and what I've experienced.
  11. My father served in WWII with the Navy in the South Pacific, then got out of the Navy and rejoined the Army for Korea. I have several Uncles that served in Viet Nam in both the Army, Air Force and Marines. I myself am an Army vet. My daughter is in the Army National Guard. Son in Law is in the Army National Guard, one tour in Iraq, looking at another in 09. My Son will be graduating from basic and AIT in November with the Army National Guard, and is schedualed for Kosivo fall of 09.
  12. Palin

    Had no plan to head north, quite content for the 25.00/head on coyote around here. lol. So why bring up old news if this was last year? Just to bash Gov. Palin, probably. but my thoughts stay the same, when needed culling works and works well, bleeding hearts or not. And those aren't canned hunts rix, those are carefully guided hunts, where someone has gone ahead of the hunters days before and watched and monitored where the animals are. Thats why they can garrantee a kill. And by the way, every hunter I know does the same thing, its called RESEARCH!!
  13. Palin

    Am I smarter than this Gorden Haber? Depends upon the area, what I am is not falling for any animal rights b.s. And do you know what else? I would be more inclined to believe those that live there over someone that comes in with "preconceived ideas" of what is right based upon false ideals of animals being equal to humans. Besides, this smells more like a bash Gov. Palin thread than anything else.
  14. Palin

    Would you people pull your heads out of your butts and take a sniff of reality!!!! There is a huge wolf population in Alaska, she and the Alaskan congress is looking at a 9% reduction in a huge population. And look at the terrain, aerial shooting is the only way in some area's to get them. We are talking about a CULL PROGRAM not complete annihilation. If the wolf in Alaska isn't culled then they will starve or become a human hazard because of overpopulation. And guess what human life is far more important than wolf. And as for the bounty, whoohoo, wish I lived closer. My kids get 2.00/pair of paws for pocket gophers, want to flame me?! Bounty is good, you help get rid of a pest and $$$ for your trouble. And having to pay for the paws helps the state keep track of numbers killed so that over kill doesn't happen--lets think this through people, stop the knee jerk reactions.
  15. 37 Days Till The Election....

    Voter regiatration is huge, especially with the dems picking up busloads of homeless to reg. dem.