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  1. Spence Academy: Class Of 1895

    I stumbled upon this forum after I read "A Great and Terrible Beauty". This forum is an awesome idea, and I know I'm really late but... -STATS- Full Name: Hope He Feng Age:16 Gender:Female Appearance: Hope Hope is of Chinese descent, and has beautiful chocolate brown eyes, as well as dark brown hair down to her knees. Her hair has tints of red in the sunlight, and is naturally straight. She is 5'8, which she finds too tall for her liking. Her skin is pale and smooth, without any imperfections. She has delicately sculpted high cheekbones, as well. Long eyelashes adorn her eyes, and she has a straight, decent nose. Her lips are cherry red and full, and are her best feature, next to her steady, intelligent eyes. She weighs around 100 pounds, and is thin almost to the point of gauntness. Her exotic beauty captivates the attention of many. Personality: She is a very outgoing girl, a bit outspoken but well-mannered and polite. She has no trouble following authority, and has a quick, witty sense of humor. She is intelligent and crafty, a quick learner and star student. Reading is her favorite pastime, and despite her seriousness, she also likes to have fun. She is very practical, detests dishonesty and frivolity, and is very levelheaded and cool in case of an emergency. One of her faults is her impatience and her tendency to be overly-sensitive at times. History: Hope's father, a merchant, is an important figure to trade between Great Britain and Mainland China. He is the owner of a thriving trading company, Feng and Sons. Despite rampant racism from the mainly all-white trading community, his intelligence and bravery has allowed him to succeed. He currently owns a house in the English countryside, as well as a small mansion in Belgravia. Hope's mother, Madeline, is also a quite practical woman, who has managed to deal with the racism, seclusion, and gossip the family garners with maturity and wisdom. Hope, the second daughter in a family of 4, was born in Belgravia, London and promptly sent to her father's estate in China to live with relatives as soon as she turned 2. She grew up in the tranquil Chinese countryside. But, her father asked for her to be sent back to London again in 1887, so she could have a proper English education. Under the guidance of renowned tutors, she mastered the languages of English, French, and Latin, as well as advanced mathematics, European history, and the sciences. Other: She is best friends with Edmund Ashdown, whom she first met when she was 10. Animals (Is it okay if I have more than one ?) : Name: Admiral Age: 1 Gender: Male Species: Dog Breed: Japanese Spaniel Color: Black and White Photo: Pippa Name: Pippa Age: 5 Gender: Female Species: Horse Breed: Cleveland Bay Color: Chestnut Photo: Pippa -STATS- Full Name: Edmund Lucas Julius Ashdown Age: 17 Gender: Male Appearance: Edmund Edmund, at 6’2, is quite tall. Some might say that his harsh, fierce features are frightening, however. He has honey-blond hair, and deep blue eyes, which are so blue they are almost navy. His beauty, combined with his lean, tall and muscled stature, regularly intimidate strangers, especially young ladies. Personality: Despite his looks, Edmund is a kind and comical person. He enjoys making people laugh and sometimes goes a little too far in his pranks. All joking aside, he is an ambitious, intelligent student who enjoys the company of other learned people such as himself. He has a lot of self-confidence, and some might even call him vain. But, all those that know him know that he has a heart of gold. History: Edmund’s life has been relatively uneventful. His father, Richard, is the Duke of Chilcott, and a respected man in London society. His family resides in Belgravia, and also owns a palatial country house in Scotland. Prior to attending Spence Academy, he has attended a famous and prestigious boy’s school near the Yorkshire moors. The eldest son of the duke, he is the heir of his father’s title and estates. Other: He is best friends with Hope Feng, and also has a secret crush on her. But due to the restrains of Victorian society, they cannot be together due to their different racial heritages. Animal: Name: Aristotle Age: 5 Gender: Male Species: Horse Breed: Arabian Color: White Other: Aristotle