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  1. can anyone tell me anything about this stallion? i do know he's sired by Zippos Sensation...
  2. Military Photos. Veterans, Please Add Yours.

    WEll i don't have many recent photos.. but my Fiance is in the Marine Corps.. Hes been in now a little over a year.. heres some pictures from his Boot grad last Nov.. I dont ship out for boot until Jan 6th.. Im SUPER pumped. Thanks everyone who has served or who is still serving!!! ^^ Hes Fourth from the right Hes all the way on the right... Like i said not very good photos.. but hes still serving and that counts right!?
  3. Anyone On Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo?

    im on it! and i absolutely love it!!!!!!!
  4. Where Are All Our Hc Babies?!

    wow it's crazy to think how fast time has grown. o remember waiting for alot of these babies to foal.. lol beautiful horses!
  5. Okay so today i picked up my very first ball python pet. I was given the essentials for the pet from the snake "expert" at the pet store. Now what i was given was a Under Tank Heater thing, and also a lamp but with a day blue light bulb. They told me to have the under heat on at all times at one end of the tank, and then the lamp on at night at the other end of the tank. water is plenty all day long. Now my question is, is this correct? they didnt seem look like they knew what they were doing.. and i have been reading online saying how this is wrong... My Under the Tank Heater doesnt seem very warm to me or doesnt seem to be putting out any heat on the substrate or anything... i know that ball pythons need to have day temp of 80-85F and a night of 75-80F... Can someone with experience just please explain to me what i can do... My pythons enclosure is in my room in the basement, so it is dark quite a bit during the day... do i need a thermostat? i NEED HELP! thank you!
  6. Critique This Breeding Qh Stallion

    was snooping around, and found where this stud is standing! there is a foal! here is the picture that i found on the website! Go to this website, then scroll to bottom and click on offspring!
  7. Crossfit

    ever since i enlisted into the Marine corps, i joined crossfit... at first when i enlisted in june i couldnt run an ist to save my life, an ist is a mile and half under 15 mins, 60 military crunches, and a flexed arm hang for 40 secs... i would go to cross fit every wednesday and a few other marine stuff on the weekends.. but now im in top condition.. and its been a few months! i highly suggest it and i think that it is totally worth what you pay
  8. Show Me Your Dogs!

    german shepard pictures you say?? introducing the love of my life (besides fiance lol) BEAR! he is almost 2 years old, and 83 lbs of my healthy baby boy (: love this dog to death! as a puppy! this is what i came home to when i was gone for a few weeks, he wouldnt even let me get out of my car without petting or giving him some kind of love'n... I swear by this breed, best dog i have ever owned. he is my first GSD and will not be my last, ive always wanted one before hand and now i know why.. love the personality, agility, temperament and the intelligence... very sweet dogs!
  9. Morning Surprise Filly

    BEAUTIFUL! definite English horse! look at those legs! and the color to boot, she would be very flashy on that rail or just in general!
  10. Picture Update! New Pictures Of Stallion Up

    He is beautiful! alont with those babies! (: good luck in the breeding world.. its tough but if you have a good head on your shoulders and know what your dping youll be fine! (: Do you have any pictures of any of his get?
  11. Fruit Fly Invasion!

    ummm what i used was similar to you but it was a little bit of dish soap in a bowl of apple cider vinegar and then a tad of wine or even water! it works GREAT for me!
  12. if so! what branch, what MOS, how long have you served...I leave october for bootcamp for the Marine corps! and was just curious as if any of you are joining, serving or had already served!