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  1. Is There A Horse Out There For Me?

    Okay I just moved to my new home and I have been searching the internet site called I have found some really great horses on that site but their temperment is way too high. All I want is a morgan horse that is very well trained and very friendly with other animals and people. This whole issue has been nagging at my mind for quite some time and I could really use some advice right now.
  2. A Horses Temperment

    Lately I have seen rateing scales on a website called, and I have found that the scale goes from 1 - 10 as a measurement of a horses temperment the scale also uses colors to show the temperment range of a horse if it is totally mellow or if the horse is a total hot head. But what I don't understand is why they use a scale with color to show the horses temperment when all the owner has to do is describe the horses temperment using words. this question has been driving me up the wall.
  3. Are The People At Your Barn Nosy?

    I would say that you do have a point to be angry at the people that have disstracted you and your horse from doing your performance and caused your routine to become a complete blunder. of course I can only sympathize with how you are feeling because I have many friends that have gone through the same problem of dealng with people tat can't seem to mind their own bussiness. Now here's what I would do. Ask the people to not go near your horse and your horses stall. if that doesn't work You could always ask the manager for some advice.
  4. Pit Bulls

    Pit bulls have had a bad reputation as being the Dog that never lets go. It depends on how the owner Raises the dog and how they train it. My brother has a pit bull Named flower and she is just a sweet-heart, Pit bulls are Known for having Their jaws lock after they have opened their mouths too far and some times they are not able to loosen their jaws up for a certain amount of time.
  5. This Place Is Dead

    I have nothing planed for this month except the STATE FAIR!!!!!! My boyfriend is going to take me to the state fair for our first date. We will be visiting the equestrian building as well as the poultry building and the dairy building and we will also see some of the horse shows that are held in the indoor areana.
  6. What Kind Of Phone Do You Have?

    I have the android Razor from verizon wireless, it was a graduation present from my parents
  7. Strip Clubs

    I would have to say that it's a no go mostly because I am afraid of loud noises,and usually something will go wrong in any case.
  8. Realtor Selling Horses With Property

    I am eightteen years old
  9. Realtor Selling Horses With Property

    I am eightteen years old
  10. Realtor Selling Horses With Property

    My Dads friend has put his place up for sale, but here is something that makes no sense to me at all. The Realtor wants to sell the horses with the property. the two horses were promised to me. does the realtor have the right to take what is rightfully mine? I am pretty upset about this situation. I mean really Who in their right mind would sell 2 perfectly good horses along with the property, I mean the people who would probably buy the property would just end up selling the horses anyway. Besides the realtor might be inexperienced with the whole selling a farm thing. I mean I should have the right to vent about this situation, because I was told that the horses would belong to me and now I don't know what to think at all, ( I feel so helpless right now) Can anyone reasure me?
  11. Trails Close To Home

    I have found some awsome trails up in Magregger at my south- North home hunting cabin There are many fallen logs , a few watering holes, extensively big meadows and plenty of wildlife. It is also close to a wildlife reserve that is supervised by the DNR. There is also a boy-scout camp that is locatedon the edge of BOOT Lake ( hence the name Boot lake camp) And a few miles past my hunting cabin is a small farm ( I don't know if the origional owner still lives there)and there are at least two beautiful horses that live on that small farm. There are just so many trails up north that I want to try out.
  12. Why Are People Not A Fan Of Synthetic Western Saddles?

    Some horselovers might not be fans of such saddles because sitting in those saddles can be very uncomfortable ans some saddles just cost too much, But Me? I prefer to ride bare back because it doesn't cost me anything and its much easier on the horses during the summer