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  1. Cold Weather

    It's cold and raining, mystery has shelter but would rather stand in the rain, my pasture still has grass and I haven't be able to find any hay around my area. She's wet and shivering. Will she be okay? Before she came here she had some shelter but not a barn like she has here. I'm really worried
  2. Need Help Determining Breed

  3. Need Help Determining Breed

    any opinions on what her breed could be?
  4. Riding A New Horse!

    The girl i ride with rode him with loose reins, he did the same thing to her. My barn owner got him back from a family were little kids rode him. I just think maybe hes use to getting his way and now that experience people are on him, he dont like the fact we wont let him do what he wants to do. Anytime he does it i kick him through it and he will toss his head and comply but if i walk him and wanna go into a trot and lightly kick he will do it again and i will kick him through it again
  5. Riding A New Horse!

    Hey yall! im looking for some advice or some coaching on dealing with riding a new horse. He's name is Staccao LOA. He is full blooded Polish Arabian. I'll post his pedigree at the end of this message. First off he is a show horse, i do belive he was showed in reining but i am not sure. He is very soft mouthed and does not like approve of you being in his mouth all the time which apparently i am. I also not use to riding Arabians. He is my project horse for Barrels. He is a sweet horse but anytime i try to get him into a lope he likes to crow hop. It isnt bad, but it makes me feel like if i push him more he will actually break out and bronc. Is there any advice or anything i should be doing differently to make him not do this? Any suggestions would be AWESOME!
  6. Mystery! The Muckledy Dun Pony!

  7. Mystery! The Muckledy Dun Pony!

    Hey yall im back! but I do not have Darcy anymore. Hes out living with my Aunt in Texas! but as of right now im riding my barn owners pony name mystery! we are not sure of her breed or coloring lol shes just a cute little poon that im riding and training on barrel! Its good to be back!
  8. Horse Tack. Help!

    I wanna get into customizing my own tack. And i have NO idea where to begin or what to get or anything. If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be awesome! Xoxo
  9. How Is Everyone?

    Its been cold in the mornings and warm in the afternoons here. The weather needs to make up its mind.
  10. How Is Everyone?

    I havent been on in a while, been super busy with work, got accepted into college, darcy is doing well his winter coat is coming in, hes going back black but is spotted on his tummy. How have yall been?
  11. Saddle Blankets!

    Awh thanks guys!
  12. Saddle Blankets!

    So this is a question to all you western riders, what are some good saddle blankets?
  13. Training To Barrel Race. Help!

    Is it possible to take darcy who was trained for jumping and train him to barrel race? If so some pointers would be great :)
  14. Mr. Darcy

    So i almost gave up and was going to seel darcy the other day. i didnt know what had happened. weve been having problems with catching. i have spent everyday for a month working with him on catching and he was doing great, i could walk out into the pasture anytime throw the halter or lead rope on him and would just loung him aroung but something happened recently i have no idea what got into him, he became aggressive ( maybe because of the heat?) anytime i would come near him with a halter he would dart the other way kick out and take off in a full blown run. it not fun watching your horse a full blown run in 100 degree weather.. not seeing him go flying under trees.. idk what happened to him for a while he didnt want to be fulled with or have anything to do with me. i was heartbroken to see my best friend run the opposite direction of me.. i gave up hope, i didnt know what to do besides cry and prey. i thought the problem was me, that i wasnt experinced enough or i wasnt a good momma to him.. so i went out trying to find a new home for him. i thought i would send him to a rescue so they could find him a new home. well there at the rescue there was another horse i would trade darcy for.. i was then told that the problem with my German Warm-blood ( Darcy, i guess hes that, thats what she said lol) was all my fault and i didnt need to get another horse but i need to work on my own horse problems. So that pissed me off to hear i messed up my own horse. i then got in touch with my friend who is a trainer, she gave me some tips and ive been doing those tips (bring treats/ feed to catch him, put halter on reward him take halter off, walk away) i normally see a *** look from darcy after i do those lol. but after a few times i started seeing a HUGE differnce. im very proud of him and my self. im getting my saddle out next friday and i will be getting lessons with him to help with my nervous about riding him! im so excitied.
  15. Mane, Tail, And Skin Care

    Hey yall I don't know about everyone else but its so stinking' hot in LA. I've cancelled a lot of work outs with darcy because of the heat. I don't wanna chance him or me having a heat stroke. But as it gets hotter darcy has been sweatin horribly. And he's been itching his face and butt and everywhere else he scratch on the trees and well anything he can find. It's really been damaging his coat and pulling the hair off his face and tail and mane. It's quite saddening. He looks like someone pulled his hair out and abused him ( he's not abused he's actually really spoilt). I've been putting MTG on his tail and mane everyday when I feed him and well its not working dangit. So if any of yall have any tips or know of any product I can help the hair grow back and get him back to his handsome self that would be great. I know I don't get on here much and well if you want you can email me with any tips my email is Thanks for reading and I hope you and your four legged critters stay cool in this heat.