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  1. My Heart Is Hurting Friends, Im In Need Of Comfort

    We have set the date next Thursday, our vet is making a 90 mile journey to be here. My neighbor bless his heart, said he'd burry him for me after we have him put down. We plan on spoiling him rotten for the next 9 days. Never would I let him end this journey and begin the next by himself, he's been so loyal never asking for a thing that the least I can do is see to it that his transition is smooth. We knew going into this fight that the end result could be death but it doesn't make the reality any easier. Thank You all for your words of encouragement, they mean more than mere words can express.
  2. A handful of you may remember me and my fight against Sinitius taking over my older barrel horse. Most of you wont. However all of you know what im going through at this moment and the challenges that will face me in the days and months to come. We have fought long and hard against this ailment using every resource available to combat this enemy. For the last 2 years we were maintaining a happy horse with a hole in his head, he bucked, played and was the goofy guy in the pasture. This morning he gave me that sign we all hear about but never want to see. He's hurting, the time is near. That was the only thought when I saw him this morning. As I prepare myself for this I find myself wondering how to get though the challenges that await me. Its not the barrels run or the money gained or even the rush of speed that I will miss. This is what I'll miss most about my old friend: The nickers of greeting no matter what the hour, the soft brush of his nose when he knew i'd had a rough day. The gentle way he carried me 9 mths pregnant both times when the cabin fever set in and I felt fat and my feet hurt. The patient way he taught both my little girls to not only ride but love horses. My story is no different than many of yours but right now my heart is hurting, and I need your confidence to get me though. I pray that I shall not go to any heaven in which there are no horses.
  3. Jobs For Horse People?

    I like Rat's idea, you would still be around kids but not in a closed environment and not in mass. I've enjoyed working at the feed store, I get to spend a lot of time in the horse section and see all the new products before anyone else!
  4. If You Only Had One Choice Of Horse Breed...

    The Trekener (I know its spelled wrong)
  5. Boise, Idaho?

    We have friends that work in boise and live in Horseshoe Bend. We've been there and like the area.
  6. Saddle Repair In Washington

    Im not sure in Northern WA but i'll ask around. I use Donnie Bacon in Ellensburg, WA We use him quite alot, he's done very good work for us and we have no complaints. FYI I have no idea why my text is now I will ask around and see what I can find out.
  7. Is He Missing Something?

    How is the selinium in your area? We give selinium shots here once a year. You could try something like Horse guard its got a pretty good mix of vits, keep in mind that the trace selinium blocks dont have enough selinium in them to do you any good.
  8. Help Please, Chewing Trees

    They could be needing more ruffage material in their diet. (which ever horse it is) Try adding some more grass hay or even beet pulp pellets(soaked of course).
  9. Buying A Trailer For The First Time

    Trailer: Floor boards, make sure you pull mats and inspect them. All the major load bearring areas need to be checked yeap this mean personally crawling under and looking for cracks in the welds and wear spots. Dont take a sellers word that everything is up to snuff. Electrical can be fixed inexpensively, and brakes and bearings need to be changed regardless of when the previous owners did them. Now for the other misc that everyone else has covered: Have the right trailer for your horse's size and what not Have the right truck to STOP said trailer (yeap pull it too) Our 32 ft stock cost us 9500 new with a maintance warrenty. Dont rule out stock trailers, you'd be surprised. I love mine!
  10. Outside Dogs?

    Natures Miracle Skunk its great and actually works (I have to buy it in the gallon container)
  11. Outside Dogs?

    All our dogs are outside dogs, the ONLY time I bring them in is if the temp is below 0 for a few min to defrost paws and drink lukewarm water but they dont stay in for more than 10 min. They have thick fur and shelter to get out of the weather, they also have been know to sleep up in the covered hay stacks. They have outside water available at all times and abundant food. I also keep a pretty good eye on them. In my opinion inside dogs often times suffer more than outside dogs.
  12. Planning My Trip From Wa To Ky

    I think Super 8 allows pets but dont quote me on that. I think i'd plan each day and where your going to do pit stops, what exits to take, road directions, and when and where your going to stop for the day. If you have it written down on a paper its faster and easier to grab quick if your unsure of your directions.
  13. Ideas For Sick 2Yr Old

    I like to use pedilite(keeps them hydrated), also a vit rich smoothie, with blueberrys, honey, yogart, banannas, and pedisure instead of milk. Both my girls really go off food when their sick, so this has been my go to for awhile. I also use a saline nasal spray and suck the snot out. Vicks afterwards.
  14. Slant Load Vs. Straight Load Trailers

    I've never had a problem gettting any horse into my stock trailer, its got three sections and all can hold 3-4 horses easily, 4-5 if situations call for it. However a large trailer like this isnt practical for most people. If I had to choose between a two horse straight load and a slant I'd choose the slant simply for the reason that the slant is easier to load a horse in than a two horse straight load.
  15. What's For Supper?

    I need tastointernet!!!! That sounds so good im sitting here drooling wishing I was eating at your place. Im making Chili over baked potatoes, just doesnt sound as good.....