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  1. Need Ideas On How To Bandage This...

    cvm has it right, the elasticon is hard to find but pulls its weight. Also consider putting the fly mask back over it.
  2. Feeding The Hard Keeper

    I like to use Strategy Health Edge, I combine it with a protien tub (200lbs for $68) Free feed grass or CRP hay with multiple small feedings of Alf through out the day. Winters are can be fairly hard here so I blanket the old guy, In the summer I have good pasture but still feed a small amount of both the Strategy and hay.
  3. Horse Diagnosed With Lymphoplasmacytic Dermatitis

    You might try a cool wet pack of bentonite clay to give her some relief but im not sure if it will help heal the condition. Have you tried any tea tree oil? Its rumored to have healing effects on the skin.
  4. Fodder- Hay/feed Analysis People Please!

    First im concerned about the ruminent matter in this especially feeding it to an older horse. Second it looks like a kind of suppliment to hay not a replacement. That being said here are a few hay help solutions that may help you stretch the hay a bit further. If you've got a cuber close see if they have any reject cubes,(these are cubes not shaped quite right) they usually sell these for substantually less than the ones in the store. Talk to your local hay dealers about cleaning up what we call butt stacks (these are left over stacks that dont make a truck load) Also the bottom bales (these can be a treasure because we have to kick out anything with dirt or a small amount of discoloration) In most cases 90% of the bale is still good hay. Look for some "natural grass hay" this can be commonly known as CRP its much cheeper than your other hay and makes a good filler hay. Dont be afraid of cleaning out someones last years hay, as long as its been stored properly its still good hay. Also adding a complete feed can help stretch your hay. We like Strategy Healthy Edge. Stock up on hay if you can, its going to be hard to find this winter, dont leave it till last minute. Your lucky if your only paying 6.50 a bale its over 12 a bale here and the feed stores ask up to 23 a bale.
  5. Falling Asleep/passing Out In The Crossties

    Dont suppose you have possums in your area do you? EPM manifests in the same type of nirological issue here.
  6. Opinions Please? New Pics Added 7/25

    It doesnt really look like there is tendon damage. If this is recent I'd say just keep hosing him off and keep an eye on it, my opinion is its just soft tissue damage but nothing serious. Keep an eye one it im betting within another day or two the swelling will be gone. However if this has been going on over an extended period of time have a vet check done on him, it cant hurt.
  7. Sinitus, Anyone Have Ideas?

    Thanks, I'll try soaking the hay and see if that helps at all. Right now he is mainly on pasture but I do feed a small amount of supplimental hay.
  8. Questioning My Decision....

    As long as you remember your both green and learning you should be ok. Patience on your part that sometimes she doesnt get what your asking will go along ways to helping both of you learn. Periodic lessons on more experienced horses will also help you learn how to give the correct cue and what respose is expected after that cue. Just remember take it slow and easy. You'll be alright, be happy with your new friend and look at it as an opportunitie to have a hand in her finishing or refined training. Im sure you will learn far more than you thought you would.