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  1. Feed Survey

    Done Let us know the outcome, it would be interesting!
  2. To Those On The East Coast

    We are sending prayers and thoughts your way, please let us know if there's anything else we can do, we are a long ways away but have contacts all over. Edited to add: And make sure you ALL check in when your safe and sound so we dont worry so much!
  3. Any Nutrition Experts Here?

    Over all the hay tested realitivly well. I am concerned that his fat intake is too low. With a young horse working he's probably needing more calories too. Cool Calories would work for that but im still not seeing enough overall minerals and vits to really make a difference. Maybe look into Tryfecta supp. I'd like to see more selinium and more biotin than what your overall ration is giving him. Maybe some probiotics as well. The safechoice grain just doesnt have enough of what he needs. Wish I could be more help! Edited to add: You might consider switching him to one of the Omelene grains. They have one specifically made for growing horses. That would really round out your hay nicely.
  4. This Is Abuse These Days?

    Good for them! Def not abuse.
  5. Have We Come Very Far In Race Relations?

    I agree that hate is taught or learned, and not a natural tendency. You watch small children play together and they have no concept of color, race, sex or religion. However as you watch older children you can see subtule changes in behavior but mostly when a parent is visible. My 5 year old made a comment about a trash man the other day in the store, some of the kids in her class had made fun of the trash man earlier in the day. Although what she said was not offencive. it was laughing at the man. So we explained to her we dont treat people that way, its hurtfull and rude (ok so we really jumped on her and said way more than that). So much to her embarrassment she was marched up to the fellow and she apologized. He said you know its not a big deal. In our opinion it was, we want our children to respect others no matter what they do for a living, look like or talk.
  6. ...

    nelass, have you tried the Vetricin eye gel? I havent personally used it but i see alot of people using it for their dogs.
  7. Cat Litter

    When I had cats in the house I used the natural scoopable litter from dels then used the citris majic powder. Worked great.
  8. Have We Come Very Far In Race Relations?

    Not in my neighborhood unless everyone is green as we are surrounded by fields However my parents live in town and have several different ethinitisities(?) in their neighborhood the neighborhood gets along great and everyone is always offering to help their neighbors, sure there are a few not nice people but we ignore them.
  9. Calming Supplement Question!

    Im not even sure an calming supp is going to help him cope. You could try rasberry leaves but once again im not sure its going to help. I think I'd def bring a companion horse with you when you haul him home then give him space next to the companion when you get home slowly working on him seperating. Unfortunatley with this he's relying on another horse for the security. But ultimatly your goal is for him to choose you as his new herd. To do that he has to leave the old herd behind.
  10. Another Grain Topic

    IA, they look pretty good!
  11. Alternative Diet For Dog With Stomach Issues?

    Definately get him checked. As to the food, BB is a great food, as is taste of the wild. We have a customer who makes his own dog food from ground turkey and cooked brown rice (not instant) He also uses cooked fish, cooked beef roasts, and cooked chicken. He adds a vitamin and mineral suppliment and his dogs all look great but I think there must be something more? I'll ask him next time he comes in.
  12. Help With Loose Dog

    I would use the "I just love having him around and was wondering if I could keep him?" If they dont want to give him up than take more drastic measures and inform them that your worried about him getting hit on the street so could they please keep him at home. Sad situation, good luck and keep us posted
  13. Brand Id

    You might start with the NM brand book, is she a reg horse? If so you may be able to track her owners through the papers. So far it sounds like lazy 5 or could be an herd id number. Second one sounds like a walking/running L Third one sounds like cross bar. She could be a ranch raised mare from a coop ranch or just one with a long name. Like the Lazy 5 walking L cross bar.
  14. Been A Very Poopy Week

    Prayers and wishes sent your way,
  15. Voting

    I want the right to complain, so yeap I'll be voting.
  16. Night-Time Potty Training

    Can you limit his intake of fluids a little more? That helped for both our girls. Dont push him too far, it could make him back up even more. Good luck, just remember your not in it alone.
  17. Just In Case You Thought Your Morning Sucked

    WOW, we had a skiff this morning but nothing compared to you!
  18. Another Grain Topic

    I posted about a new suplimental type feed that horse guard came out with, Simple Essentials. You might look into this, it would cut your cost quiet a bit. Everyone i've talked to so far has really liked it.
  19. Cch (Colored Cow Horse) Thread Just For You!

    SOOOOOOOO NO police, sweet that means I can speed, if I can get this darned computer to cooperate........
  20. Unwanted Horses/horse Slaughter

    Didnt think about that!
  21. Considering Horse Lease...

    I dont have any experience leasing horses but as with any transaction get everything in writing. I'd also get a prelease vet check and a after lease vet check, you dont want to get sued for anything. Also write out who takes care of vet responsibilities ect.
  22. Unwanted Horses/horse Slaughter

    WOW, I leave for a few days and all heck breaks loose. How did we go from horse slaughter to CCH and her horses? (Yeap I did go back and read it but wanted to bring up a point ) Although we may all want answers for CCH's behavior/choices ultimatly its none of our business, yes we care about horse welfare but really who are we to stick our noses into others poo?. If CCH decides to give us her side of the story thats fine but really this is the internet and although most of us are real some arnt. I've been to the rescue houseing CCh's horses and honestly the rescue needs rescued. As for the Blondie/CCH war does anyone really want to jump on the dill hole pile?
  23. Sho Glo

    So I checking into the sho glo, not really impressed by it, but was suprised to learn about the new Horse guard product Simple essentuals, It has a full range of vit and minerals as well as all the amino acids and omegas needed for a horse. They even have a senor one that includes MSM and Glucosamine. The cost was pretty reasonable. Def check it out.
  24. To Soak Or Not To Soak?

    So i've been soaking my alfalfa pellets overnight then mixing in my old guys herbs. Didnt think anything of it untill I was going through another post here about beet pulp. So heres my question, Am I supposed to soak the pellets or not? If so how long? Thanks all!
  25. To Soak Or Not To Soak?

    The only reason he's getting the pellets at all is that we had to switch him off anything that had soy in it (sinitus) and he has to have something to put his herbs and minerals in. His teeth are good, just had them done last week again. It takes sometimes up to 3 hours to get all the pellets un pelleted. Its cold enough now that I dont really worry about fermintation. I just hear so many conflicting stories and cant seem to get a solid yes or no.