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  1. Texas People #6

    Well, sounds like every one has been busy! I finally got my new computer. He even downloaded all my documents and pictures to a thumb drive so I didn't lose them or have to buy a separate enclosure. Course, I had to re-arrange my desk as the new computer isn't the same as the old one. It was due for a major cleaning and clearing anyway. Got pictures uploaded to photobucket but need to go feed and water. Will be back later to post them.
  2. Just Finished Quilt

    That is beautiful, OZ!!
  3. Cattle Thread

    Growing up we always had a calf and a pig a year for eating as well as 50 chicks to butcher. We learned to name the calves Steak, Roast and Hamburger. The pigs were always Pork Chop, Ham or Bacon. We never had a problem eating them since we always knew what their purpose was. Nice looking herd of cows you have there, Jonathan!
  4. Texas People #6

    We have had some strange things for supper on birthday nights. Birthday person gets to puck what they want. Waffles. Is the one that stands out. Glad your little kitty is doing better. How is Penny acting with him in the crate? And when you have him out eating? Does your son like cheesecake? Off to bed will have a 5 year old tomorrow.
  5. Texas People #6

    Babies Babies babies everywhere! Sounds like you have a new kitty, QH! Finally got to see pictures of your truck and trailer. Really nice rig! How is the riding going? When do we get to see a picture of you riding Paisley? Am trying out a computer from a repair man here in town. If I like it, he will transfer all my stuff from the old one to this one. Still had a problem getting on here but it did let me on. Something about this being a suspected pishing site. ?? My babies are growing like little weeds. Will post pictures of them when I get the computers sorted out. This one has Windows 10. So far no problems with using it. If I like it, the price is right. Any word on Amanda's test yet? Off to shower and bed for me.
  6. Texas People #6

    QH, sounds like you are having way too much fun! Can/will Paul ride Moon when she gets tuned up? Your son'splace sounds like a great place to ride. This heat has been terrible here also. I am having to water what is left of the garden. Will be digging potatoes tomorrow. Most of the onions are broken off by goats. They stomped the cantaloupe and ate the green beans. Hopefully, we have finally got the fence fixed so they can't escape any more. I do have some tomatoes and spaghetti squash left. I picked a green tomato and made fried green tomatoes the other night. They were so good. Washer calling. Laundry never ends!
  7. Texas People #6

    Oh QH, how I envy you! Sounds like you are having a blast with Paisley. Get Paul to take pictures of you together. Looks like I might be getting a new to me computer sooner than I thought. Went to get on tonight and all it would do is beep at me. I hate computer shopping! I don't like the new windows programs but I may have to bite the bullet this time ;( Hopefully with the new one I can get back on HC Without problems. Made it 2 days so far without goats out. It isn't like they have nothing to eat in there. Guess they are like cows and horses. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Off to shower and call it a night.
  8. Texas People #6

    What a pretty mare,QH! Hope she is as good a ride as she is pretty. Have lost several friends to cancer. One fought brain cancer for 10 years. There were times I wondered how he did it. Been staying busy fixing fence attempting to keep goats in. They wiped out my bush beans and walked all over the cantaloupe. Starting to get baby squash on the plants. Printed a recipe for fried green tomatoes. Got some huge green ones I don't think will ever get ripe. Kittens are growing like little weeds. Being typical baby pains.always under foot or in my lap. Gotta get in gear and vacuum.
  9. Texas People #6

    My first horse was like that. He would walk past something no problem then coming back would totally freak spooking sideways to get away. Back then I could stay with him. Now I would hit the ground hard. So hot and humid now. Summer is definitely here. Will be turning on Ac tomorrow morning. Gotta get out this weekend and work on fences. Goats keep getting out. Wrecked havoc on my cantaloupe yesterday. Gotta get in gear and finish getting things ready to turn an ac tomorrow.
  10. Texas People #6

    If you come see the mare in Elfin let me know. Maybe we can meet for lunch or you can stop by here. We are just off 290 going from Houston to Elgin
  11. Texas People #6

    Oh horse hunting! How fun. Don't know anyone with a good solid trail horse. I am so tired of rain. My garden has gone crazy growing and blooming but nothing is putting on fruit. Tomatoes are not getting ripe. On a good note my chickens are laying well. Got 4 eggs yesterday and 3 today. Not bad for 5 hens. We need to do some major work on our driveway. My poor Volvo drags in way too many spots. No use doing the work till the rains stop. I will stop using the Volvo and start driving the Mazda as soon as we get an alternator in the Mazda. Jubsl, nice to see you again. Hope all is well. Still having to use the tablet to access horse city so can't post pictures. Both kittens are going great. Have some cute pictures of them with my mastiff. Smallest is not as big as his foot. Off to Fred dogs. Have a safe dry weekend.
  12. Texas People #6

    Well the sun is shinning today finally. We have gotten 2 tomatoes so far. Lots of blooms and green tomatoes. Lots of bloom on cantaloupe and squash but no fruit yet. Had one big batch of green beans and red potatoes. Been staying busy with kittens. We have 2 now. Found another in the wall of one of the boys rooms. Got no clue how he got in there. Got one wall out in the bathroom. Noticed it looked a bit damp at the base of the wall. By the time we got all the wet sheetrock pulledout,all that is left is the tub surround about 8 inches from the ceiling and an inch from the other wall. Got lucky as the only CPVC fitting I could find was the one we needed. Now to get it all dried out! QH, glad you are not under water. Not sure how much rain we have gotten. My rain gouge ran over. So more than 5 inches. I am ready for some dry weather. We need to fix our driveway where it has washed out so bad. Don't need 4 wheel drive but my Volvo drags most of the way down. Time to feed these kitties again. It never ends!
  13. Texas People #6

    Finally got pictures of the kitten uploaded to Photobucket! Also got pictures of Ryobi with his new "balls"! Well crap! Can't upload pictures on the tablet!
  14. Texas People #6

    Qh,glad you had such a good time. Only things I miss about living in Corpus is going to the t-heads and buying shrimp off the boats. Equity, my hubby has his pick up and I have the car. He is very passive of his truck. Got the dishwasher loaded, aloud in the washer and dryer with one more load to wash. It has finally stopped raining! Started a little after midnight and has rained pretty steady since. Finally made the dogs go out about 1pm. They had been in since last night.
  15. Texas People #6

    Equi, too funny. Being married to a mechanic, my car was always needing work. I finally started telling him I was going to take his cat. You would have thought I was taking his car to a demolition derby! But it got my car fixed. So cool today. Now if we get some sun! Think I am going to grow webbing between my toes. Or we need to build an ark.