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  1. Re-Training Post Shoulder Surgery

    Mkay.. So, my horse has had off for the past 10 months due to a shoulder injury which then turned into a shoulder surgery. His core training is in western pleasure, but before I plan on getting into the saddle I want to condition him a bit. Thing is, I have to take it easy on my shoulder still (Not sure if this will help anything, but the injuries I acquired were a torn labral ligament, torn rotator cuff, chipped bone, tendonitis, burisits, and an impingement). My plan of action is to start him on a light lunge plan of every 3-6 days W/T for now. On days between lunge days I stretch him and work on ground manners. I would hopefully like to be back in saddle within the next month, but I too, have to recondition myself. He's been pissy about lunging, he's always hated it, but it's the only way I can do it for right now. Any tips/hints? I was thinking about maybe starting him on some supplements, any suggestions?
  2. Well Hello Thereeee.

    I'm baaaaaaack. I used to be BadgersSandyRascal, but I forgot my login information ): But anyways, I doubt anyone even remembers me! Lmao. My name is Dominique, I'm 19 years old, and I have way too many holes in my face. I've been riding horses for 13 years and have owned my current horse for 6 1/2 years. He's a 13 year old, registered, red dun Quarter Horse named Stymie. We mainly focus in western pleasure, but dapple in other things. I'm actually just getting him back into shape after he's had 10 months off due to a shoulder injury that he caused. He's such a champ -___-' Anyways, enjoy your day everyone.