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    Lavender; Pop Rock/R&B; CHOCOLATE XP; Horseback Riding; Swimming; Dancing; Biking; Fishing; Sometimes Running; Playing Badminton; Writing Stories and Poems; Playing Piano, Violin, and Guitar; Reading; Drawing; Sleeping xD; Hanging out with friends; and Facebook(It does count as a hobby and an addiction ;D).
  1. The Fox's Den

    Characters Humans; Name: Autumn Faley Age: 17 Gender: Female Personality: Autumn is sweet and shy. She keeps most to herself and likes to be alone. She doesn't make friends easily and isn't very close to her twin sister, Jade. She likes taking walks, reading, drawing, and thinking to herself. Sometimes she is seen as the outcast or loner. Horses seem like the only thing that get her, well that's what she thinks. She loves horses and riding. Feeling the wind in her hair and a hint of freedom in competing and jumping is what she likes, not the ribbons and fame. She hates pressure and mean competition. She has grown up with Winston and loves him to death. She would hate if something bad happened to him. Picture: Autumn Faley Horse/Pony; Show Name: The Finest Hour Barn Name: Winston Age: 8 Gender: Gelding Appearance: Dark Bay with black points and a star; 16.1 hh Breed: Cleveland Bay Discipline: Hunter Jumpers Picture: Winston Humans; Name: Jade Faley Age: 17 Gender: Female Personality: The total opposite of Autumn. Jade is always number one, well she puts herself in number one. She was the first one born. She has pride in herself and her horse. She is very competitive, pushy, bossy, and everything else Autumn is not. She acts like the leader and picks on Autumn and anyone who she thinks is 'weak'. She grew up getting everything she wanted and now has that sense of mind. She is nice at first, but if she doesn't like you or you get in her way, you will know. Picture: Jade Faley Horse/Pony; Show Name: Abdullah's Princess Barn Name: Princess Age: 10 Gender: Mare Appearance: Light gray, almost white mare with a gray muzzle; 16.1 hh Breed: Trakehner Discipline: Eventing/Showjumping Picture: Princess Horse/Pony; Show Name: Mister Man Barn Name: Mistro Age: 7 Gender:Gelding Appearance: Brown gelding with four stockings and a stripe; 16.5 hh Breed: Dutch Warmblood Discipline: Equitation Picture: Mistro
  2. Just got my class schedule, finding less and less time for my four legged friends :(