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  1. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    I joined a LONG time ago. Haven't posted much of anything in years. But still lurk. Don't have a horse anymore. Not sure that anyone would remember me. But I'm still lurking.
  2. Escrow Question

    So then what we owed on taxes for the time we lived there should have been payed and the check is the excess?
  3. Escrow Question

    So I may sound a bit dumb asking this, but we just sold our condo and we got a check for an escrow I need to send this money somewhere (to property taxes) or is that mine to keep? I'm confused. I've never sold a house before so I'm not sure...
  4. Anyone Good With Hair? What To Do About The Frizzies

    Thanks for the ideas everyone! I will tame this hair...somehow [Crazy]
  5. So, my hair has been rediculous lately. The humidity is not it's friend. It always looks like a frizz bucket with tons of fly aways and what not. So anyone with good hair knowledge know what I can do about it? I don't abuse my hair. I simply wash it and condition it once a day. I don't even own a blow dryer or curling its not that i'm mistreating it. It's not bad when it's not humid...but i'm not walking around all summer looking like I do. Any advice or product suggestions?
  6. Reintroducing...hairycob!

    Oh I like him. He's quite neat looking.
  7. Taking On A Boarder: Costs/expenses

    Like I said, I wouldn't be doing this as a business to make a profit, pay the mortgage or whathave you. More for a companion for my horse (and perhaps a riding companion for me). I just don't want to lose money on the deal. I have considered the negatives (like I said) I have experience working at a stable for several years that had it's fair share of the good, the bad, and the ugly. I'm used to lack of privacy. I also have worked in customer service for a long time, so I know how to deal with annoyances. It's just a thought, as it all depends on our condo selling and the property we want still being on the market when it does. I don't see what I can loose trying this. If we buy the land, we can affford it with or without a boarder. I would never buy anything that I could only pay for with extra income that isn't somewhat guranteeed. Therefore, the boarder isn't a financial neccessity. So if we try a boarder or two and hate it, well then we can just stop offering boarding and go another route. Then yes, I would look into a retired friend for my horse or just keep him at a boarding stable (like I said there are a multitude of reasons we want to live on a few acres...horses isn't the only reason). I'd just rather try the boarder option for a companion for my horse first, before I go out and buy another horse. It's much easier to give a 30 day notice to a boarder (if you have the right contract set up in the first place) then to try and rehome a retired horse that doesn't work out. So i'd like to try the boarder option first. And no Heidi, I wouldn't come on here to whine about bad boarders. I don't wear rosy colored glasses and think that everything about having a boarder would be peachy. Don't expect it to be. And I certainly wouldn't come here to whine and complain about it if things went south. I'd just handle the situation in whatever professional way I needed to in order to change it. That's how I work.
  8. Taking On A Boarder: Costs/expenses

    The farm we're hoping to purchase when our condo sells has room for 5-6 decent sized pastures. My horse is fine pastured alone as long as he can see other horses, so if they didn't get along well enough to share a pasture it'd be a non-issue as long as he had visual contact. And I should say this...even without a horse we'd want to move to a property this size for a variety of reason. In case anyone was wondering.
  9. Taking On A Boarder: Costs/expenses

    Wow. First of all, I know she said she was "just wondering". But there's always a reason someone is wondering something so I asked. It's called creating a conversation. I wasn't being defensive. I was simply carrying on a conversation. I'm not sure you need to be making snide comments such as "If you are going to question something as innocuous as that, I wouldn't get a boarder. " Second of all there is no such thing as a FREE horse. The initial expense of a horse is the cheapest cost associated with them. It's their continuing care that costs an arm and a no...a free horse isn't free. Retired/Pasture type horses may be free, but they often come with extensive veterinary and specialized farrier costs (if you're going to care for them properly!) I don't see the point in "collecting" horses just because one has their own land. Just because a person has the space doesn't mean they should fill it up. One horse suits my personal needs fine...why collect more? This is how people end up with more horses than they can handle or afford. Then these same people come to places like this with *** stories on how they need someone to help them financially or take half their herd because they just can't care for multiple horses anymore. Or they end up whining because they can't pay their vet or farrier. It's poor planning and silly in my opinion. I thank everyone for their thoughts. For those who read my initial post, I worked for years at a large boarding stable. I know all about bad boarders and good boarders, and how to deal with them. There were some real "winners" at the barn I worked at. I've also seen first hand the people who just stop paying their board bill. I certainly know what it's like to have boarders that work well...and those that...don't. (I even watched the farm and handled things entirely for 2 weeks out of each year while the barn owner went on vacation in addition to my normal daily shifts during the rest of the year.). Having lived in a condo for 5 years with walls so paper thin I can hear my nieghbors fart when they're on their toilet, i'm used to lack of privacy as well. lol I'm also well aware of tax implications when it comes to the hobby vs. business issue. My dad is a Certified Public Accountant, and very experienced and is perfectly capable of advising me when it comes to the tax issue. The only thing I didn't do while working at the stable was handle the finances/books (obviously). That's why I was looking for costs or expenses...just to see if there was something other than the obvious that I should consider. Thanks everyone.
  10. Moms, I'm Mean! (pics As Reqstd, Lol)

    Our doctor told us kids shouldn't have pacifiers once they turn 1. We did cold turkey with Emma the day after she turned one. Didn't cut the tips off...just tossed them out all together. There were a couple hard night but she got over it and never looked back. Those few hard nights haven't effected her at all (she's 3 now and just emotional scarring lol)
  11. Taking On A Boarder: Costs/expenses

    Because I only need one horse to ride, my two kids are too young for a horse of their own, and my hubby likes horses and caring for them but doesnt' actually ride. I don't think that I personally need more than one horse to pay vet bills on. Why do you ask?
  12. Hubby and I are planning on buying a hobby farm if our condo ever sells (it's been on the market for over a year now). We want to move my horse home. The problem is he doesn't do well alone, and we don't really want to buy another horse. We were thinking of the possibility of taking on a boarder or two so that my horse has some companions. I know the work assosicated with multiple horses and am fine with it (I worked at a 30 stall boarding facility for 5 years). But my question is this...what additional costs would I have to factor in with taking on a boarder or two. I know that hay would be a cost, and bedding, and that i'd need some type of care custody and control and liability insurance. But what else should I consider? Obviously given that I'd be doing it to have a companion for my horse, making a profit isn't necessarily my motivation. But I don't want to loose money on the deal. Breakign even and covering the costs that are incurred as a result of having boarders would be nice though.
  13. Cat Experts

    Quality food. But when you switch foods you need to do it slowly. Also, our vet told us cats do not need wet food.
  14. I board at a stable near my house. I have known the owner for years. She's a sweet lady, but quite honestly dumb when it comes to business and the legality of things. She has general liability insurance on her stable (you know the care, custody and control stuff), but nothing that covers lessons being given (as she does not teach anymore...she stoped teaching when she had two kids...just doesnt' have the time). Well now there are boarders at the stable giving lessons. These boarders are not professional horse people. Have no real training and experience...but are giving lessons to people for money on stable property. None of these boarders have any kind of insurance. To me this is just trouble waiting to happen. Would you say something to the boarders who are "instructing"? Would you bring the lack of liability insurance up to the barn owner? It kind of bugs me...but then I don't take lessons from these people so maybe it's none of my business.
  15. Oh, My Poor Parents!

    Around here bridesmaids pay for their own dresses...