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  1. Treating Aural Hematomas In Dogs?

    AHS - Form Letter - Splint Request.pdf Hello Jacks and sorry to hear about your ear problem. You mentioned in your post about the 'Aural Splint', "The aural splint sounds better, but I don't know that I am completely understanding it." I am Daniel with the 'Aural Splint' and allow me to help you and others understand it. The aural splint is fairly basic in design, based on medical history and fact. First prepare the earflap with a base of tape, second aspirate the hematoma, third apply the custom fitted splinting plates to the ear with non-elastic athletic tape, leave for 14 days and remove. The process of splinting the ear flap, confining the ear flap in a location where the hematoma cannot fill but slightly will cause back pressure against the broken blood vessel and promote coagulation of the blood vessel leak as well as allow the ear tissues to re-grow connective elements while in the natural position thus avoiding the shriveling of the ear flap. I am looking forward to helping you save money, and you helping me perform a case study on my treatment. To become a case study participant and get the free treatment plates cut to your animal's specifications, you need to email me a request at You may use the attached form letter for faster response. Sincerely, Daniel Whitton