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  1. Hello everyone i would like you all to critique my 2 horses i would like you all to critique and say it straight forward!! Thank you FIRST IS MY 10 YEAR OLD OTTB MARE SECOND IS MY 3 YEAR OLD GELDING, NOT SURE BUT I THINK A PAINT/THOROUGHBRED CROSS BOTH TOGETHER
  2. Hello everyone i am new to this forum. I just bought me a 10 year old OTTB mare about 4 weeks ago. I am trying to get her to gain some weight so i am aware of her being a little under weight. anywho here she is. i apologize about the pictures i took them with my cell phone and she is a little dirty. Before ( 10/2/2012 ) Now ( 10/21/2012 ) She was starting to walk to the side her feet aren't like that normally lol
  3. Hello From New Mexico!

    Hello everyone :) I am from New Mexico, I am 21 years old, i us to barrel race when i was younger but haven't been around horses for many years! My boyfriend of 5 years has never ridden ( until recently ) but he finally bought me my first horse on 10/02/2012. She is a 10 year old OTTB mare. she was thin at first but im starting to put some weight on her and some muscle so i will post some pictures of her progress. :) Here is Lady on 10/02/2012 *note* this is after her bath Here is Lady on 10/09/2012 Here is Lady on 10/16/2012 Here we are together HOPE YOU ENJOY!