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  1. Turnout Charges

    Somehow I have ended up the turnout girl at the barn I board my horse. The going rate is a buck a day. Does that sound right. ?
  2. My New Peruvian Paso Filly.

    She is beautiful.
  3. New Horse Finally

    Been riding daily and she is doing
  4. Good for you. There are too many abandanded dogs that form packs.good luck!
  5. Vacination Recommendations

    Cheyenne hasn't had any, and i'm wondering what kaind of vacines she should get before we hit the trails with strange horses.we already do drill with about 20 horses.
  6. Clay

    So,the barn we moved to has only one flaw.clay! Is there some product that would help that sticky stuff come off my boots? Got full body sheet for the horse,and a mask/hood too since she rolls in the clay.grrr!
  7. I Am Back

    Welcome back, sorry for your loss. Hope Phoenix raises your spirits.love those black walkers!
  8. Be Jealous

    here we got snow here last night only about 6 inches but it was enough to make theminute 5 into a 45 minute drive. But its still beautiful. Love driving with my heart in my throat.yeehaw!
  9. Which Bit?

    What bit do you use on you walking hors? Full check,eggbutt, during? Kimberwick, Pelham? When did you move to something with a shank, or have you? Too many opinions for me.! Don't want a bit collection! Already have one.
  10. Mikes Christmas Cake

    Magical! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Frozen Waterfalls And Rivers, Pics!

    Beautiful! Thanks.
  12. New Horse Finally

    It's cold here too, but if we keep moving we stay warm enough. Figure I'm paying for the arena so I'm gonna use it. And layers, I wear so many layers! Just my nose and my fingers get cold.stay warm, k.t.
  13. New Horse Finally

    She went all the way around the arena at a fast walk! Felt good. Drill went well last week, they're talking about fireworks. If the other old nags can put up with them, so can I.
  14. New Horse Finally

    Thanks, PD There was another post here with a video, where'd it go? And she's getting Better every day. Eye how!
  15. New Horse Finally

    Well, we moved to a friendlier barn. More people my age, and who ride their horses.been riding her daily, mostly slow walk or a lope, but we do get a fast walk in the mix, and a rough pace too. They have a drill team and we rode with them on Sunday.we had a blast.of course we need lots of work, but she did pretty good.saw a gal I worked with 20 years ago, and another I haven' t seen in 6 or 7years. Small world!