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  1. Cutting Horse Demonstration

    im doing a demonstration on cutting, should i do how to tack up for it, how its done....i need ideas
  2. okay so for the 4H activitys day in my state i'm doing "how to shoe a horse" and are going to need some visual aids. i don't really know what to bring other than a life size plastic horse leg from the cannon down. i however do have acess to a anvil and forge. should i bring in anvil or is that too much? or should i just stick to small stuff like nail pullers, rasps and along that line and obviusly i'm going to bring a couple shoes to demonstrate with
  3. i'm doing a paper on diesel vs gas haulers, which one do you prefer and why? :)
  4. How To Get A Newbie Pleasure Horse To Keep His Head Down

    if your western try a bit of western dressage and work on getting your horse in front of your leg so he will become rounded and put his head down and get a good headset. or if worse comes to worse buy or barrow a pair of draw reins - but put into the wrong hands can give your horse a false headset
  5. 4H Demonstration Ideas?

    I was thinking of something unique or different. All I have for right now that i'm considering of doing is how to fit a horse shoe for your horse and get all different sized shoes etc. for the demonstration but i don't know, it might be tricky getting the tools and everything but any ideas? :) thanks!