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  1. Apha Pedgree Look Up Help1?!?

    I have a APHA overo mare, she was bron in 1996. I am trying to look up her pedigree and stuff, i have sad her sicne she was 8, and since i moved out my mother either threw out or miss placed her registration papers, i just wanna look at her pedigree and im also goign to try to get a copy of her papers again. Her full name is Lilgirl faucet Flit.......... or it could be lilgirl faucet Flick..... the last word in her name i always mix up. She is 15'2 hands dark bay, large blaze, two front socks, and two back stalkings, with a few spots under her belly. I am not an APHA member(or active one) online, anything will help. I attached many pictures. (when she was a baby she was not the cutest thing btw, i remeber seeing her picture on the registration pictures.)