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  1. Hey! I just got my first horse yesterday! I was wondering what types of cool braids I could do on her without the needle and thread. I have bands, and a mane and tail comb. She's grey. So any ideas? and could you put a how to do it please?
  2. Care To Share Some Pics?

  3. Fate And Destiny

    Name: Ali Traswell Age: 15 Level: intermediate Position: student and boarder A description of yourself: a pretty blonde country girl with a lot of attitude. She has big blue eyes with long hair. She isn't very preppy or tall. She's SUPER competitive. what style or discipline you ride: English Registered name: Eclipse that Shadows Moon Barn name: Shadow Age: 10 Breed: knabstrupper Color: white fleabitten black Discipline trained for: English Personality: feisty, but is very gentle towards Abi