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  1. Eventing Barns In Atlanta, Ga

    I am currently thinking about moving to Atlanta. I was wondering if anyone knows of any eventing barns in the area. I will be moving to the Virginia Highlands area and am willing to travel up to an hour. Willing to spend around 750, 800 tops on board. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hoof Hardener

    Jubal- he is already on a hoof supplement which has made a tremendous difference. Missyclare- not sure if jumping in hoof boots would be the best as we put studs in the shoe for traction. When I got him over a year ago he had front pads on. We made the decision to take the pads off when we saw that his sole was hard and his hoof wall wasn't flaky. (Very crappy TB feet). We have been ok until recently. Instead of putting pads back on (that's are last resort) we want to try a hardener first. I am already putting Kevlar tuff hoof sealant on his wall and the difference it's made is astounding. My farrier keeps commenting on the difference of his feet in the last year.
  3. Hoof Hardener

    My farrier told me my horse has soft soles. So I am looking for some opinions on different hardeners that would work best on the sole. I have looked into a couple of different ones- keratex hoof hardener, durasole and venice turpentine. What are your thoughts on these and are there any others that might work? I event said horse so we go through water and his feet really take a impact. So needless to say I want to do what is best for my guy before they get worse. I was given some durasole to put on him for the time being but wanted to do some research to decide what to use for the long term. Thanks in advance!
  4. Moody, Very Irritable Mare

    She has not been seen by a chiro as of yet. There has been talk about having her massaged or using a stim machine on her. One of the boarders at the barn is a physical therapist who works on humans as well as horses so im thinking about having her take a look at my horse. The last time I had a chiro work on one of my horses he got worse.
  5. Moody, Very Irritable Mare

    Justinboots- thank you! You have given me some hope. I'm gonna hold off on the supplement and just try to do some more ground work type stuff with her. I talked to a professor from penn state this weekend when at the PA horse expo since he did a lecture on horse behavior. So I got some ideas from him to work with her. Everything he brought up made perfect sense so i'm crossing my fingers it works! With her being narrow, short backed and high withered it has been difficult for me to even find good fitting saddles. The dressage saddle that I have for her she basically is telling me when I am on her that she is comfortable. Shes like a whole different horse. Now it's the jump saddle- hoping I found one that fits her and that she likes this weekend when at the expo. *fingers crossed*
  6. Moody, Very Irritable Mare

    Okate- oh I've spent my fair share of time just grooming her. Especially on the days I don't feel like riding ill still pull her out just to groom. Taking off her blankets she tries to bite and kick. Same with the brushing. Its gotten somewhat better like I've said but still not great. As soon as I am on she's like a total different horse- calm and focused on her job. Out in the field, she sees me coming and comes straight over to me. There are times when she's the sweetest thing but within seconds can go back to being her cranky self. Was thinking trying something to see if it helped her in any way might be an idea. But than again it could just be a pain reaction to having ill fitted saddles in the past and anticipating having that pain? TracyA- I don't think she has ulcers. At first I was thinking this was just her reactions to having ill fitting saddles from her past. Which it still might be that- and she just needs to figure out that the saddles aren't going to hurt her. I recently purchased a dressage saddle that fits her great. Still on the search for a jump saddle that fits her just as nice. But I'm just not totally sure if its just that or if its something else as well. Figured trying a supplement to help her hormones might help.
  7. Moody, Very Irritable Mare

    I got her in September. Not new as from what I understand from talking to one of her prior riders (I'm leasing her). It's an everyday thing, not only when she is in season. She'll be 11 in April. I know there have been saddle fitting issues with her. She has gotten some what better since I have had her but is still quite bad.
  8. Moody, Very Irritable Mare

    I have a mare who is extremely cranky and irritable especially during grooming, tacking up, taking off/putting on her blankets, and doesn't always like when someone enters her stall. I want to try putting her on a supplement for this and have looked at quite a few. Because I event her i want to try one that will not test. In my search as of now the only one i have found that will not test is mare magic. Does anyone know of any other supplements that might help that will not test? Thanks in advance!
  9. Elastic Breast Plate/collar

    Hi everyone! I was wondering what elastic breast plate/collar you would recommend. I am leasing a mare who is 14.3- so something more cob sized or super adjustable as she is quite petite. I am sure after her i will be getting something more in the 16 hand range though. Right now I am using my first ponys leather breastplate on her that I used for the hunter ring but am concerned about her getting rubs. I have looked at quite a bit of them but wanted to get some opinions on what everyone here uses/likes. Thanks in advance!
  10. Skin Disorder

  11. Skin Disorder

    A week or two ago I noticed a spot on my pony's chest that was red and oozy- found a tick in the area so I took it out cleaned the area with betadine and put some ointment on it- this spot has since healed. A couple days ago I noticed a spot on his neck that was red and oozy- I cleaned it up with betadine and put some ointment on it and started to search on what it could be. Today I went out to ride, and noticed he had another one of these red oozy spots on his face, which was not there yesterday when I rode him. I cleaned the area with betadine and put some anti-fungal spray on the spot. I would shave the area around each of the wounds but he is not very good with clippers- I did cut some of the hair away from the one on his face with scissors. Does anyone know what this might be? Pictures are attached of the wound on his neck and face. The pictures of the one on his face are post spray. Face:
  12. Pony Excessive Peeing

    I have just gotten off the phone with my mom. And she informed me that my pony, who is around 19-20 years old, has been soaking half his stall the last 2-3 nights. He is in his stall from about 8pm to around 5am. She told me that he does not appear to be drinking more than usual. He has not been drinking much water in his stall at night (about a 1/5-1/4 of the bucket) which is usual for him. It has been raining so I do not know how much water intake he is getting outside. Although usually when it rains like this, he does not soak his stall as bad as my mom is telling me. He is on Quiessence which supports normal glucose metabolism and increases peripheral circulation. He has been on this for a while without any complication. I plan on asking one of my professors when I see him, since he is a vet and can give some input. Thanks in advance! [smiley Wavey]
  13. Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good chiropractors around the area of Chambersburg, PA. I am going to school at Wilson College and have my horse here at school with me. I have come to the conclusion that it would be best to get him worked on. I am going to talk to the instructors and other barn staff here at school to see if they know of anyone. But I figured the more names I get, I would have a better chance of finding one that I can trust. Thanks in Advance! [smiley Wavey]
  14. Hunter Pace Picture- critique?!?

    Please critique both me and my horse...thanks! Sorry its a link! I do plan on purchasing this picture. and also Thanks! [ 10-10-2007, 05:04 PM: Message edited by: horsecrazy1234 ]
  15. Swollen sheath?

    Does it look like this? The vet told us it was just a bug bite, and it went away in a couple of days. Didnt cold hose it or do anything to it