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  1. Texas People #6

    Hi fellow Texans wow I can't remember the last time I was on HC. Got added to the FB group yesterday and made me want to come check in and see how everyone is doing.
  2. let me in!

    I think we all had the same idea lol. I had to think about my password but <-- I missed that guy lol I could have used him on fb lots of times lol

    Hello I'm a newbie/oldie back here lol I already accidently hit a small flag with my fat thumb so yeah I'm going to have to keep my thumbs on the other end lol.
  4. Friday The 13Th

    I went 50 the whole way what takes me 13 min took me 30 minutes to get there. I think the other cars were yelling at me ???? So sorry to hear about your grandma.
  5. Friday The 13Th

    So I had a dream that I wrecked my truck. The tire just fell off going 70mph on my way to dropping baby girl off at school. It rolled numerous times killing me and her in the process. They buried me and her together... I really need to get my tire fixed on my truck after that dream. I've been a nervous wreck all day. I know it can happen because the ball joints and swing arms on the front passenger are bad. Add in that it's Friday the 13th ???? I've nearly bit all my fingers off on the drive to her school.
  6. New Quilt---Fixed The Pics

    Wow that us absolutely beautiful!!! You did an awesome job!
  7. Texas People #6

    I wish we could dig our own water wells. We're in the country and being charged $150-$230 for water ???? very frustrating considering our water bills were $30-$40 a couple years ago. But the town keeps rising it. I hope to be moving in about a year or two when we pay these houses off. I want to move the trailer to some land in the town baby girl is going to school in and just rent the house out.
  8. Texas People #6

    QH I live in Brownwood. ☺ yes it was Trace I was referring to. How does Paul like his truck? Equicrzy lol you made me chuckle. ???? are they building something or just marking for gas lines or property lines? Well I need to start today over. I sent baby girl to school with one shoe. I forgot my hair tie and I had to stop at the DG to buy deodorant. I need a restart button. Hopefully the rest of the day goes smoothly.
  9. Texas People #6

    Today was a great day! She had her Funday and she participated in 4 of the 6 events. It was so funny watching her I'm trying to upload the pictures but it won't let me for some reason. I'll post a link to the Facebook post and maybe that will work.¬if_t=like Mz I will ask her doctor in June and see what he says ☺ QH how's your boy doing? Was he the one training the pup?
  10. Thursday Anyone?

    Ozland I'd love to see the quilt. I recently came across a set called Busy Needles and it has a bunch of quilting patterns and how tos in there. I'm going to try to make a quilt now that I have the know how. Pocobuckgal how's she liking school?
  11. Texas People #6

    She's scared of animals doesn't like the feeling of their fur against her. She has sensory issues. She has a small dog that we reaches from being born a stray and she barely let's it touch her. She plays with it by putting JJ her play alive pug on play mode and laughs when Adaline goes after it. I've tried introducing her to buddy and she just wants no part of it. She does however like her rocking horse.
  12. Texas People #6

    She's doing good. She's not hitting her milestones actually she hasn't hit any. She is ranging in the age of 9 months-18 months on different things. She started ECI in March of last year but we pulled her out when a couple of her therapists were being rude and mean to her. Pulling her legs and one even suggested we throw her in the pool and let her go under. So that she can "fear" the water. Do you know how long it took us to get her in the water to where she wasn't going into mental breakdowns? Almost 2.5 years. The only therapist baby girl liked winded up having to quit when she went into 3 month preterm labor. She started school in November after she turned 3 in October. They got her an aide specifically for her and I love her. She is awesome with her and has the patience to care for her through her meltdowns and her bad days. All the kids in her class love her. Lol the boys are overprotective of her and fight to hold her hands. All but one who started 2 months ago. She's autistic but the Dr's don't want to write it down. She has 4 therapists that work with her at school. Her vision is questionable they fear that she's not using it all since she only looks to the side. She's not using her forward vision her down or up vision. And we sadly are facing another hip surgery coming in October if the Dr says so coming June 15th. There's been too much play in her hip and she's been falling a lot. She also is starting to turn in when walking. A long list but she's still the happiest kid and has come along way. I didn't know that how is he doing with them? We probably won't do much for Mothers Day except a cookout and hang with family. Well I'm headed to drop baby girl off at school so I'll be back later ☺
  13. Wednesday In The Middle

    Thanks guys. She sometimes almost makes me lose my mind. She's learning some sign language. (She doesn't talk) and so right now all we get are screaming meltdowns. I just got back from dropping her off at school so I have exactly 1 hour to clean and do everything I need to do before I head out to pick her up. PinkTractor I just saw your post in the Lab group lol made it easier to find. He sure has grown up to be a beautiful boy.
  14. Texas People #6

    Lol its already started. Her 1st day of school she wouldn't stop hugging Bentley. By her second week both Ezekiel and Obie were fighting to hold her hand and Brogan watches out for her. In town if Ezekiel sees us he practically tries to jump in the car just to say Hi to her lol. I have patches of hair missing lol and to think she's only 3. We only have a problem with one kid at school he hit her twice last Friday and sent my blood boiling over. She went down for a nap and he smacked her twice. He was suspended for two days last week.
  15. Wednesday In The Middle

    Yes she has. She has her first fun day at school on Friday. Well see if she participates lol. She's running now something I thought would never happen. Still wobbly but she's very active. The other day I found her standing on my desk almost killed me over.