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  1. They Dont Like Alfalfa?!

    I fed alfalfa pellets in with my senior feed a few months back. My old man refused to eat any of the pellets and would pick out just the senior. :/
  2. Ariat Tombstone Boots Anyone?

    Well my boots arrived today. the size i got fit perfectly. Although i'm not sure i like how wide the calf area is, i guess i will wait and see how they turn out, of course i have to wait till christmas to use them, i just got to try them on today.
  3. 6 Yr Old Registered Appy

    Heres a picture from yesterday more of a conformation shot.
  4. Ariat Tombstone Boots Anyone?

    Thanks guys. I've got very narrow feet so i dont for see the toe area being to small, the boots i have now are very narrow in general and have a very pointed toe. What boot stretcher stuff do you use tho? I've never had to break in a NEW pair of boots, only "new to me" boots that the wear and tear is included lol.
  5. Help Identifying My Simco

    I contacted Crates this is what i got back :) Dear Ms. Corbin, Simco was owned and operated by the Crates family from the early 1930’s until we sold it in 1980. In 1981 my father and I started Crates Leather. Many former Simco employees became Crates saddlemakers Simco has been sold three times since 1981 and as no remote similarity to the current Crates Company. The model 460 actually dates back to the late 1950’s. We called it the “Bill Olson” roper, for a former cowboy and friend of my father Bob Crates. It had no relationship with the year of 1960.As to the little “C”, I don’t remember this , but perhaps one of our former saddlery dealers attached this C to identify it as one coming from his store. As I recall we made this model for maybe ten years, so it would have spanned the 1960’s more than likely. The story of the 6-pedal vs; 8-pedal I do not remember anything about this point. As I served as president of the company from about 1965 until we sold in 1980 it should have come up, but I have no recollection. We made quite a few of this model, maybe in the vicinity of 4 to 5 hundred. I'm hoping that They might know what it sold for or what it might be worth today. Either way i got enough information for me to be happy. I'm so close to saying lets make it a piece of artwork in the living room being its 60 years old and still looks as amazing as it does :) Untill the day i can afford a new saddle this is my daily saddle
  6. Ariat Tombstone Boots Anyone?

    Does anyone have ariat tombstone cowboy boots? If so what do you think of them? I think i want them for christmas, my current boots are in need of replacement, they were used when i got them 7 years ago. Any bit of info would be appreciated :)
  7. No More Training For Abby....per The Vet.

    Check out Parrelli games and i think stacy westfall has some too. Even just goodling horse groundwork games :)
  8. Choke

    My old horse Fantacy had episodes of choke 5-6 times between 28-29 years of age. He had worn a crib collar for most of his life until i bought him at 24. He had barely any teeth and would crib and windsuck with a miracle collar on. I dont believe the cribbing collar has anything to do with yours or my horses episodes of choke. Fantacy would choke when he tried to crib and eat at the same time. We learned that if we left his stall door open to the pasture that if he choked he would as we called it "walk it off" in a matter of minutes. It didnt matter the feed (we tried multiple senior feeds) tried covering all the cribbing surfaces in his stall with metal, nothing detured him, metal services he still cribbed and wind sucked on. Have you talked to your vet?
  9. Help Identifying My Simco

    Cleaned it today and noticed it says C 460 not C450 also looked all over the saddle for any more identifiable marks. Nothing :/ The tree is wood tho.
  10. Help Identifying My Simco

    I've emailed several people/companies to find information on this saddle. All i have recieved are comments such as "Simco is a cookie cutter production" or "Simco saddles arn't worth anything and are cheap" Now i know simco started making "Cheap saddles" but i know mine is one of the ones made before this production started. And it's deffinatly not a "Cookie Cutter" saddle as i can't find one like it online anywhere. I found an Advertisement listed on Ebay tonight that has serial number 5552 saddle pictured. Mine sort of looks like it from what i can tell. But ofcourse the serial numbers arnt the same so i know its not it. But if 5552 was produced in 1974, i figure mine has to be close to this date? I've hit it seems every dead end i can looking for information on my saddle. It just strikes me as Odd that my saddle is C450 when the rest of the simcos i'm finding dont have a letter in their serial number. Only thing i can think of is a custom made.
  11. Help Identifying My Simco

    All the other older simcos i see online have a serial number without a letter as the first digit. Could this mean it was a custom order back in the day?
  12. Help Identifying My Simco

    Action Saddle company has no information on my saddle. they said they think it was made in the 60's tho.
  13. 6 Yr Old Registered Appy

    This is Riley Registered Appaloosa, Solid in Color. Sorry about the links but i cant get a picture to show on here otherwise. http://i27.photobuck...Fair2012002.jpg http://i27.photobuck...Fall2012003.jpg http://i27.photobuck...126444687_n.jpg http://i27.photobuck..._93977508_n.jpg
  14. Help Identifying My Simco

    Here are more photos the stamp on the back either says C 450 or C 460. Its all smooth leather, no tooling. Great condition no major scratches or scrapes on the saddle beside a few on the stirrups. Only bad leather is posted in the picture showing the rigging.
  15. Help Identifying My Simco

    Heading out to the barn now, I'll post more in a few hours. Thanks