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  1. Need Your Expertise!

    Hi Everyone, I'm sadly putting my hunter partner up for sale. I'm having a hard time finding a price point that I feel comfortable with. Usually I deal in the market of greenies and ponies! So I'm a litle out of my element here. I'd love your insights or price point thoughts. I really hope that this type of topic isn't banned. Here is the ad I have written up for her: The Horse You'll Fight Your Daughter For! Bria is a seasoned veteran of the hunter show ring and has the ribbons to prove it! She has shown on the “A” circuit and pinned every time out, and that’s including the hacks. Standing 16.1hh, Bria is a bay mare with chrome, and at 15yrs old she has the maturity to get the job done. Bria’s fun and easy to show as she steady and well behaved even in the heat of the moment. She’s also easy to prep and puts up with all of the pre show “stuff” without any fuss. Bria has also trucked beginners around in the walk/trot divisions producing many wins for her young riders. Not limited to the show ring, Bria is great to hack out alone or with company is brave, spook free and doesn’t mind being ridden bareback or double. This lady is truly versatile! Please contact for more information/prices. Situation is Negotiable to the right home! My biggest concern is her age will be a deterrant. She's still fully capable of jumping up to 2'9, and either carefully packs around my little sister or will fire right up to compete in the medals with me. I'm really struggling and would appreciate any insights! Thanks so much everyone! :)
  2. New Pics Of Too

    Pinto! No offense taken! lol, it's just a common misconception about hunter riders! Like with any riding, it all depends on how you learn, where you learn and what is considered 'accepted' of the time! Your mare is super cute btw! Also, if you need someone to do a dynamic saddle fit evaluation (for free i believe because she is still finishing her practicum) I can set you up with her-She's located in Alabama! :)
  3. Mom Said There Would Be Days Like This...

    omg! We have been talking about this video all week at my Equine Ergonomist course! It's so hilarious! What a way to lighten the mood, as remind us all why we either love or hate ponies! :) Thanks for sharing psmitty! Edited because: We were discussing this video mainly because of why we are learning what we are learning, to me this speaks about the "hand brake" nerves being affected, as well as the ligiments through the spine-ergo the reason the video was brought up in the first place here. That being said...we have all had naught ponies in our lives!!! This one is just exceptionally naughty! hehe
  4. Hey! Nice to see you back! I remeber Remy actually, as I had a little event mare at the same time as you-Calla Lily (As was my name before) As for the saddle fit...its very difficult to do this without actually seeing your's the same as calling your doctor, and having them listen to you cough over the phone and then asking them if you have lung cancer! It's a little difficult.. If you want to PM me, and fill me in on what area you are located in..I may be able to give you some more options...but if nothing else, please take a look at these videos! so many people think that all they need to worry about is wither height and gullet width...when in actually your most important things to worry about are whether or not your saddle bars are 'chipping' away at the cartilage around the scapula and if your saddle (self proclaimed 18inches- you probably need a female twist) length sits on his 18th rib, or bucking spot, can cause some serious twisting, SI problems and rotated vertebrae. Either way, check these videos out and if you want more info, feel free to contact me!
  5. Horse Rushes After Jump

    Sounds like what my mare used to do! Try a really quiet excercise-consistantly every single time you jump, before doing any sort of grid work or course work. Jump a small fence (comparatively to whatever height you usually school at) and on the back side of the jump set a ground rail 9ft out. This causes the horses to rock back after a jump and really pay attention to where their feet are. After landing off the rail come to a halt in a straight line. Do this off of BOTH the right and left lead. Like any good excercise this one has to be done consistantly for a little bit of time before the concept really drives home. Make sure that you are halting STRAIGHT. Eventually you can ask Lego to continue around the corner after being straight towards the end of the ring! I really hope this makes sense and or helps! I use this with my own horses as well as with my students on almost a weekly basis, as this excercise speaks to a few problems that can arise while jumping!
  6. Help Me "read" My Saddle Pad, Please...

    It looks to me as though she's not getting enough movement through her shoulder. Her scapula could be coming back and up when she goes to extend her front legs and it stops her. Is she comfortable stretching her head and neck out (ie, lifting the longuss muscle on either side of the spine) and while she stretches is her gait loose and elastic?
  7. I've got a new lease horse this winter and need to finish off the Pony stallion I ride and compete on! So lots and lots of basics (Attended a great clinic where this was stressed as a mental break after the Royal and before winter show season). I find I've been working a lot of stepping under and through with the inside hind, so inside leg to outside rein and straightness out of the corner. It's surprising difficult work for the rider and it keeps the horses fitness level up without stressing them too much in terms of jumping a lot or mentally. And then my show season begins again in February in Florida! And then back to freezing cold Canada for a few months! :)
  8. New Pics Of Too

    Hahaha on one night! I'm offended Pinto! "Hunter bracyness"! Also-have you ever considered having a saddle eval to try to get one that fits both you and that lovely mare?!?!
  9. Help - I Need A New Saddle

    I believe that our company has a saddle fitter (who works independently) out of Texas, that is really great and has a ton of experience with western saddles. The problem with fitting a western saddle to a 'short backed' horse is that generally western saddles are NOT made that way! If your interested in learning about an amazing philosophy that would help you find what is really benefiting your horse, let me know and I'll try my best to get all of the info for you!
  10. Foal Inspections!

    Hi Everyone, I recently purchased a weanling warmblood filly, who is eligible for inspection/registration and or branding is multiple breed associations! However, I am seriously stumped as to where to find information on them or even to go about finding an inspection! Any sort of insight at all would be SO appreciated! She's eligible for (if I remember correctly) ~RSPI ~DWB ~KWPN ~Canadian Warmblood/American Warmblood Assoc. ~Oldenburg ~Verbrand Please correct me if I have gotten any of these things wrong! This is my first foray into 'breeding'/'babies' Thanks again! -D
  11. Hi All!

    Hi Everyone! I'm a new (previous) member of HC! I took a few years Hiatus but am back in the Equine industry full force and am excited to be back with such wonderful resources, support systems, people and of course their equine partners! Look forward to diving right in and becoming a regular "face" on the boards! -D ps. feel free to ask me any questions!