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  1. Greatness

  2. '' Finally the weather was better, so I made new clips Please HD or Eefje will eat you!! I haven't done much tricktraining since Eefje was brought away for training. I now picked it up and the spanish walk went suprisingly well. Some steps were really really good. She can also do it without halter or leadrope. That's a little harder and the steps are a little less good, but the fact that she tries it and goes forward without me asking her with the leadrope is great AND, she doesnt forget her hindlegs anymore hahaha! Also she offered free lunging while I was trying to motivate her to play (she never wants to play haha, boring horse). So that's new and I'm really proud I made the audio myself, please ask if you want to use it :)''' sub=sub :)
  3. Tricktraining

    No not that one, but the classical bow, so 2 feet on the ground. Tried with 1 knee too but if she knows the classical bow, then the other one should go easier because then she knows how to go back/down. And then it's less scary to try to kneel on 1 knee for her. I ask her to stretch, then pressure on where the (I don't know how you say it in english lol.. singel.. the thing to tie up the saddle) goes, because naturally horses push back when you put pressure somewhere, so in this case go down. And ask her head down between her feet. That's what you see on the picture and she does that easily. But how further...
  4. Tricktraining

    How do you mean? Step back or lean back?
  5. Tricktraining

    Does anybody has tips for me? I want her to bow but she doesn't go down/move her weight to the backhand (just a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit). I don't know is she finds it scary or she just doesn't do it. Is there anyone who had this problem too and now not anymore? Can't get it better than this photo. Although I thought she did 1 time better but I can't look it back because my camera stopped filming.
  6. Tricktraining

    No problem.. Maybe you're already improved, but everyone can use the tips :) That's why I made this thread, to help each other and give tips and tricks I understand, but better give him not the treat if he doesn't do what you're asking. If Eefje doesn't understand me and gets annoyed because she doesn't know what to do anymore and does other things (she mostly does paw when se don't understand), then I'll ask her an other trick, like shake. She knows that one really well and in that way I can motivate her to go on, but not treat her for the wrong thing :) Sorry I don't understand this (need to work on my english (A) ), what is occassional locking stifles? I understand the 'good boy' or 'goooooooooooooood booooooooooy!'. But I don't hear you say it everytime. It's good to always say the same (or sound the same) so they know when they're doing it right and when they can recieve a treat. Otherwise they will start begging for treats. And that can be like sniffing in your pockets trying to take it, but it can also be doing a trick over and over and over and over and over again. As for the small good boy and big gooood booooy, that's really good! You can be excited about it, your horse will be excited about it too I also do that, but I work with a clicker. Doing a trick that she knows good is just a click and then a treat, doing a trick for the first time right, it's a click and 'goooooooooooooood girl!' and a treat. So always the click. She only comes for a treat when I click, she knows exactly what it means! Haha little cheater! I wish Eefje could bow, she finds it scary to go down. Just as the classic bow, if I put a treat between her legs (not under her body!) she just put her head between her legs but doesn't come down with her back lol Very wise of you to not do it too much. Especially these tricks like bowing, rearing, things like that are physically hard. And a 2 year old is not full grown yet.. But small tricks can be done as much as you like But also not too long, because she/he's young and don't have a lot of concentration :) And also, I only say this to help! I had and have a lot to learn too! Long way to go. The horse I did tricktraining before was a reaallllly fast learner. But she was also begging for treats everytime and got impatient and started to do paw all the time because she wanted treats. I started using the clicker with her and it already became less. Ignore the tricks she's doing on her own, because she wants treats. Don't give any attention. Except if it get's dangerous (like rearing), you defenitaly have to punish that. And everyone makes mistakes and can learn from it I read a lot about tricktraining and on a dutch forum where I am too are some VERY good tricktrainers. They give some tips sometimes too :) For example It's not that I just know these things, or make them up. I learned it too From reading it, or from making mistakes. And every horse is different so you always have to find your own way in it. :)
  7. Photography Theme Contest

    An extreme close up of something, like a flower, a bee, a watch, everything.,mod%3D16&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=nl&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=TmLpUNbBCYia0QWt1IGoAw&biw=1366&bih=643&sei=T2LpUOqPFIqb0QWwxYDAAg
  8. Tricktraining

    I LOVE your command for shaking his head. 'Are you naughty?' So genious! I have some tips if it's ok. He shakes his head all the time, I think you should ask that trick when he doesn't do it already :) Like at 1.56! I couldn't really see if he actually smiled because his butt was to the camera But I looked like he didn't and shook his head instead. Than you give him a treat. You shouldn't treat him for something that you didn't ask. That could also be the reason why he shakes his head so much, than he thinks 'when I keep shaking my head, I'll get a treat!'. Forget what I just said when he actually did smile, I couldn't really tell :) The bow is very nice! Especially the first one! Jealous, mine finds it scary to go down. But with the last bow you see he's got a little trouble with going down and stepping back with his hindlegs. One trick to make this easier is the split. Then he doesn't have to step back and he can go down right away :) Some horses also don't step back themselves, but yours does that so it's not really necessary, but it may make it a little easier :) Also not hard to learn I don't know if 'split' is the right word :') So I'll add a photo One last tip, sometimes you say 'good boy' when he does it good and give him a treat. And sometimes you say nothing. I'd reccommend to have one word or something that always you use when he does something good. Like 'good boy'. In that way he knows 'good boy' means I did something good! Then he knows he gets a treat when you say good boy, and he'll learn tricks faster because he knows WHEN he does the right thing. Sorry for the long post It's definitely not bad, but these little things will make it a bit better i think :) I think you're really great togheter. You have a smart little pony there
  9. Tricktraining

    Aaahw that's so funny, do you have a video of it? I didn't ise clickertraining at first. But the horse I worked with was really impatient and the clicker really helped. The horse I now work with doesn't learn very fast:P But the clicker is clearer for her too :) I also know a lot of people who are great with tricktraining who don't use a clikcer. It's just what you prefer :)
  10. Tricktraining

    And already tried something?
  11. Photography Theme Contest

    Okay, the first theme is: Macro
  12. Pretty Horse Contest!

    There should be a youtube video.. It's not visible on my phone, but it is on my laptop.
  13. Wouldn't it be fun to do a photography contest There will be a theme and you can make your photo and submit it here. Then we will vote, you can not vote on your own photo. - The winner of the contest can make up a new theme. - 1 photograph per person The first theme is: Macro
  14. Hi From The Netherlands!

    Thank you
  15. Pretty Horse Contest!

    Ok, I will be the first to enter This is Eefje, keep your sound down, music is loud