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    Barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying, break away roping, team roping, gymncana events, horse shows, rodeos, barrel jackpots, training horses

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  1. Protective Boots

    I would talk to your vet
  2. Riding Bridleless-Question

    Awsome job!
  4. How Much Is A Horse Worth?

    O wow i hope that wasnt true! Poor horses
  5. Training A Pole Horse

    Haha thats awsome lol! My slowest run on this guy was my first time ever lopeing the pattren we had a 28! I thought that was slow but i guess the mule wins! Lol
  6. How Much Is A Horse Worth?

    Ya i no i just thought it was kinda cool
  7. How Much Is A Horse Worth?

    Tried this with 3 of my horses today too. One 500, and the other 400 lol
  8. Protective Boots

    Ya i would not use polo wraps if they come un done during a run its not good, if a smb boots comes undone its not as big of a deal, but i have never heard it before lol
  9. How Much Is A Horse Worth?

    So i was reading this book about facts about horses, and aparently a long time ago i horse was worth the amount he could roll completly from one side to the other. Just thought that was kinda cool!
  10. Saddle Help

    What i look for when buying a barrel saddle: 1. The price i only spend 700 dollars most 2. Condition: the saddle shouldnt be too scratched up, or worn, i like mine so i dont have to wear them in but also so that its really used
  11. Pole Bending Bits?

    Yes number 1 thing in pole bending your horse should work off legs
  12. Saddle Help Needed!

    I would say its a barrel saddle my mom had one that had the same style as it but i have no idea what brand it could be
  13. Me Barrel Racing

    Seriously bringing up the past doesnt make you seem cool as you can see i am getting along fine :)
  14. Me Barrel Raceing :)

    I dont use this horse any more thanks :)
  15. Breakaway Roping Lesson 3

    I do thank you very much :)