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  1. Pretty Horse Contest!

    Take a video or photo of ur horse and upload it here! Lets see who horse is drop dead gorgeous!
  2. Barrel Raceing Lesson 2

    How to keep ur horse conditioned: 1.Long trots in the field lots of basic arena work 3.Work cows 4.Tack him to a local track and sprint him 5. Trail ride 6. Ride in really deep snow
  3. Pole Bending Bits?

    So i am trying to find a bit that will work on my gelding for poles. I need something that will pick up his shoulders, and have a bit of collection and woah to it but still allow him to move... Any suggestions?
  4. Protective Boots

    I would talk to your vet
  5. Riding Bridleless-Question

    Awsome job!
  6. Training A Pole Horse

    Ok so i have trained a pole horse befor but i just want to no how everyone else teeaches there horses to switch leads while running
  7. I believe that if u are practiceing alot but not the right way u are only makeing mistakes and will get no where, but if u practice say 3 times an week and do it perfectly u will become better and farther ahead
  8. Horse Care Game!

    Rules 1. A player posts one thing you need to care for a horse. 2. Another player has to explain why a horse needs that thing and then they post another thing a horse needs Example Player1: water Player2: a horse needs water because.... Player 2: feed
  9. Whats Better Polo Raps Or Actual Boots?

    Just wondering because i have always used smb boots and i have a friend who always uses polo wraps
  11. How Much Is A Horse Worth?

    So i was reading this book about facts about horses, and aparently a long time ago i horse was worth the amount he could roll completly from one side to the other. Just thought that was kinda cool!
  12. How Much Is A Horse Worth?

    O wow i hope that wasnt true! Poor horses
  13. Training A Pole Horse

    Haha thats awsome lol! My slowest run on this guy was my first time ever lopeing the pattren we had a 28! I thought that was slow but i guess the mule wins! Lol
  14. How Much Is A Horse Worth?

    Ya i no i just thought it was kinda cool
  15. How Much Is A Horse Worth?

    Tried this with 3 of my horses today too. One 500, and the other 400 lol
  16. Protective Boots

    Ya i would not use polo wraps if they come un done during a run its not good, if a smb boots comes undone its not as big of a deal, but i have never heard it before lol
  17. Saddle Help

    What i look for when buying a barrel saddle: 1. The price i only spend 700 dollars most 2. Condition: the saddle shouldnt be too scratched up, or worn, i like mine so i dont have to wear them in but also so that its really used
  18. Pole Bending Bits?

    Yes number 1 thing in pole bending your horse should work off legs
  19. Saddle Help Needed!

    I would say its a barrel saddle my mom had one that had the same style as it but i have no idea what brand it could be
  20. Me Barrel Racing Hi this is a video of some of my runs, the good the bad and the ugly I do not own this horse anymore but feel free to offer and constructive critsim I am also able to help anyone :)
  21. Me Barrel Racing

    Seriously bringing up the past doesnt make you seem cool as you can see i am getting along fine :)
  22. Me Barrel Raceing :) Hey this is my back up barrel horse and i he is really light on the mouth and if i dont let him do it himself he gets mad and blows up going really wide
  23. Me Barrel Raceing :)

    I dont use this horse any more thanks :)
  24. Breakaway Roping Lesson 3

    How to become a champion breakaway roper; 1. Practice 3 to 12 times a day on a dummy 6 times a week 2. Rope real cattle 8 to 9 times a day 6 times a week 3. Excersise ur horse 2 times a week 4. Watch training videos 5. Allow others to criteque u
  25. Breakaway Roping Lesson 3

    I do thank you very much :)