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  1. Critique Please?

    It looks like you are behind the motion just slightly in the oh crap one. I didn't watch the video, but perhaps you anticipate and do more jumping yourself than letting your horse jump up Into you. Could you jump around on a steady eddy and close your eyes coming into the fences and see if you find yourself totally lost just following the motion that may indicate this is what is happening?
  2. Yay Or Nay? Helmet (link Inside.)

    Just go to the tack shop and put stuff on your head. Your head is much too precious to make conform to fads or a budget. Take home what fits the best- and yes, this may mean taking an hour putting on a gazillion helmets. But its worth it, you don't want head damage.
  3. Saddle Worth?

    After riding in padded school saddles only Ive decided it might be time, maybe, to part with my old hard crosby hunterdon. And after changing the gullet in my collegiate covertable from the narrow that fit the horse we bought it for to a medium I realized it isn't doing anything for my position. I bought the crosby used and beautiful for 600 about 5 years ago. Amazing condition for such an old saddle, or even a newer one. I love this saddle still but probably will no longer ride in it. The Collegiate is just broken in and soft and has been sitting in my heated, air conditioned room unused the past 2 years. So, how much are they worth, probably? No where near selling here, and will probably take me at least a year to part with either even if I do decide to sell, so no NOT SELLING ANYTHING HERE! Just looking for estimates, please don't delete this post.
  4. saddle seat size influencial?(sp?)

    Only 2 inches? You ideally want to be able to fit a hand behind your bum on the saddle sideways.
  5. Best Close Contact Saddle?

    Im poor. Crosby, crump, ashlands. hmm. im sure im missing some.
  6. riding pictures of todd from today

    Actually, bareback will put you in a chairseat. Try two point. Endless two point. Also, try posting to the canter. You MUST be over your leg or else it doesnt work and you end up falling all over the saddle. Scoot up in the saddle a bit too.
  7. Ariat field boots with zippers

    I have the Ariat Crowne Pros with Zips. I had the problem of zipping my pants into the zipper and not being able to get out of them on my own. However, I do that with coats, pants, anything with a zipper, so I might just be a little retarded. Had mine for 2 years and have not had any problems other than zipping myself in. A girl on my riding team got customs that were so tight she had to fight them (she used a metal clip because the leather pulls would break) to get on and off every time. Needless to say her zippers broke. I dont ride in mine all the time, I use half chaps to save them. I love them. Just get them so that they Do fit.
  8. Critique please?

    Youre jumping Way ahead of your horse. Calm down, sit down and wait, you dont need to do the jumping for this big guy.
  9. What to Expect at a IHSA Show?

    In my region the coaches draw for everyone at the coaches meeting before the show. We also begin at 10. It ends when it ends, whether at 6/7, like this weekend when our judge just didnt show up one day, or at 2/3. (2/3 seems normal for my regions shows) Expect endless amounts of classes, an interesting spread of abilities, even in the individual classes, and yucky food. Bring your own. The colleges typically do bring their own banners and sit by themselves. However, my college, Goucher, dosen't bring a banner and we usually stand in clumps around. I ended up sitting with Mt St Marys College, and University of Maryland last weekend. It was really kind of fun to sit and hear how the different teams interact. UMD didnt talk to me, but MSMC were really friendly. So, deff try to sit with several diff colleges to get a feel for how the college team works and how the colleges people are. (Diff colleges tend to appeal to VERY diff types of people, so DEFF make this a LARGE part of your visits, in the end I think this is what makes or breaks your college life.) Youll get bored quickly I'll bet. I do. But if you can find people to talk to its great. [ 02-26-2008, 08:02 PM: Message edited by: Outsider ]
  10. Critique (jumping)

    I think closing your eyes to the approach would help you alot. You would not be able to get so far ahead of your horse but would instead Have to wait for her to jump before you do. I feel your center of gravity is higher in your body then you need it to be, causing you to picth forward. Shift the center downward a bit from up in your stomach to slightly down in your pelvis. This will mean a more secure seat and weighted heels. I really like how you arnt dropping back onto your horse too early, though. I feel that you will quickly begin to look brilliant over fences.
  11. Help w/purchasing safety vest.

    I'm 20, 5"4', 125 lbs, and smaller chested and wear a childs size L I believe. Same size I wore as a 12 year old... but now the chest fits..go figure. So, dont feel stupid about droppping down into sizes you really dont think should be able to fit. I would deff go for the childrens sizes if you are flatter chested.
  12. GOOD MORNING BALTIMORE!!!! Cap Chat...

    Well its baltimore here, and I just woke up, so i can pretend its morning. Yaaahooo. I just wish my college would get back to me about riding... Bah.
  13. need saddle advice....again

    I've only ridden in Old Old Crumps, and I loved them. They howeveer were flat as a pancake and with sturdy old leather, this one doesnt look like that... don't know what to tell you.
  14. Critique...Confo...Sale Price...etc...help

    In the over fences picture he seems to be wearing a simple snaffle, but in the eye picture he has more hardware. I would not use that in any ads as to me it showed less the eye, more the bittage, raising more questions as to why hes in that than anything.
  15. Critique please

    I cant tell you anything about his overall balance because my computer stretches everything out, but I'll do a bit of the things that this stretchign doesnt really effect. He is a nicely put together horse. He has very nice short hocks with a good turn of stifle and layback of shoulder. He also has an attractive headpiece and a nice clean throatlatch. I would prefer a bigger eye, but he has a nice expression. Perhaps it is the stretching of my computer, but he seems a bit slim. He drops off a tad in the croup. Hes built well enough that i would not expect any soundness or physical difficulties in whatever discipline you chose. He is a cutie though, what a looker!