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  1. Hello From Weblec - Webinars For Horse Owners

    Hi all Hope this will be useful to you... After two years of providing cutting-edge webinars to equine vets, WebLeC are now hosting a series of webinars especially for horse owners. We’ve already recorded the following two sessions – and you can watch them FREE of charge! The Last Lap: Caring for your Mare in the Second Half of Pregnancy with world-renowned reproduction specialist Dr Jonathan Pycock, in association with Twemlows Stud Targeted Worming: How to Worm your Horse Effectively and at Minimal Cost, with Hannah Lester of the Moredun Institute, Edinburgh You can stream them on your PC, laptop, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android. Both webinars have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from horse owners. Simply click here to access both webinars Best wishes. Nigel