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  1. Is This Appropriate To You?

    Well I'm 18 now and my parents allowed me to have male friends over to sleep when i was 17. I never had sex with any of them, but my parents would allow it because they'd prefer me to be having sex in the house to in a public place or whatever. It makes it far less awkward for me to talk about sex with my parents so they know I'm being safe (I'm on the pill and have been checked for STIs). It's fairly common in Europe, particularly in The Netherlands, which surprises no-one. As long as they're above the age of consent and you know they're safe, I don't know what the problem would be, aside from the sound. It's better than alternatives and then one can be confident in the knowledge that their child is safe.
  2. No. I'd rather work my way up to be honest. I need to in order to become a diplomat, which is my dream :) Are arts and history degrees really useless in the USA? Here, history is one of the most sought-after.
  3. Godolphin Doping Scandal

    Well I live about 10 mins from the place. Definitely not the first time something like this has happened, it won't be the last. I don't think it's acceptable at all, but he's banned from running in the next big race at NKT. I know lots of people who work with racehorses and the horses would never have anything in their system apart from sedatives when required for surgery or what have you. Definitely not all like that :)
  4. Just adding my two cents to the topic and please correct me if I am wrong, I am here to learn as much as anything else. Potentially leading onto an entirely different topic here, but just the cogs in my brain are turning and the moment. The USA is not a Christian country and it is clear from the 1st Amendment that no religion should be endorsed above others. Why, then, is Christianity allowed to impose its views so strongly? The UK is a Christian nation and we just legalised gay marriage and I don't think David Cameron even goes to church. Certainly, I have never heard a British politician saying 'God bless you.' I'M SO CONFUSED AND NOW IT LOOKS LIKE I'M SHOUTING WITH CONFUSION. This is my opinion, you may hate her, as she is a liberal, but it's my opinion also.
  5. Teaching Sex Ed Starting In Kindergarten?

    Epic facepalm. I was taught sex ed as a 7 year old. Still not pregnant and no STIs. The standard varied a lot in my area though. At secondary school in year 7, we were told that we 'didn't need to know' about condoms or contraception but all changed in years 10 & 11 and we were taught more about that kind of stuff. ETA: Just been looking at teenage pregnancy rates per country, we have the highest rate in Europe, but it's still much lower than that in the USA. I think that our high pregnancy rate is also due more to the welfare state, when there are cheats who want to have something for nothing (though this is the minority for sure) as it is the case that you can get a house if you are a pregnant teenager, although I'm fairly sure that it's changing and the rest of the welfare state doesn't encourage it as it doesn't usually get to the level that you can live off it, more like survive off it. When you have the highest teen pregnancy ratr of any MEDC, I think you need to look at something, whether that be requiring states to teach unbiased sex ed involving more than just abstinence or more than that.
  6. Horse Meat In Ravioli?

    If they're going to Iceland/Lidl's/Aldi/Tesco's/IKEA for their cheap meat, they're lucky if all that's in there is horse meat. I can afford to be smug, but people shouldn't be making cheap meat in the first place on that scale as it's incredibly unhealthy and our obesity levels really need to go down. If you're going to buy it, buy free range British meat. It won't solve the problem completely and it will cost more, but it will cut down on the amount of processed meat that you eat as well as reducing the risk of buying dodgy meat. There again, I'm a vegetarian so it doesn't really affect me, just want the animals to be happy <3
  7. I just noticed I've not made any posts about these boys except my introduction post. Here goes George jumping :) (the flatwork at the beginning is appalling, harvey did NOT want to play ball) Harvey's first showjumping show and George on the flat :) I could post stills for the laziest munchkins that ever did want
  8. Should Prisoners Have Rights?

    Prevention is better than cure :) I'll say no more, I'm a European
  9. Teaching Sex Ed Starting In Kindergarten?

    Over here, in the UK, I remember kids being taught about good touch/bad touch and what to do if someone crosses the line etc. in year 1/2 (ages 5-7) then we have the biology of it starting in year 3-6 (ages 7-11). We don't taught about protection and STIs until year 7, but the place where I went to school was horrrific in this area. I think we had a grand total of one session on protection and that was in year 11, after 1 girl had already left school at age 14 as she had a baby. I think there needs to be a stronger emphasis on it as people are going to have sex and there's no use preaching abstinence. It's fine to say "don't have sex until you're ready," as we were told when we were 11, but I also remember being told that "we don't need to know about protection" in year 7. In year 7 i knew of at least 3 girls who had "done it." I also think that, with the rise of the ###### industry, no matter how vigilant you as a parent are, other children will find out about sex and tell other children about what they saw. I'd far far rather have more sex ed (obviously different things applied to different ages - you wouldn't really teach a 5 year old about what sex is like etc) than have ###### be the way that children are learning about themselves and others, because I've seen the impact it can make and it is not pretty. The hashtags are a word that begins with p and ends with n.
  10. Hiv/aids Cure Potential

    I so hope that this is true! It's amazing what they've already been able to achieve, but a cure would be absolutely fantastic. I think it would eventually come to the EU, USA & Canada, but it probably wouldn't actually reach those who need it most in Africa unfortunately as it would cost such money. Having said that, this is where capitalism can work very well as competing teams try to come up with cures and they have to sell them for minimum prices in the spirit of a true capitalist economy. The influence of charity should never be doubted in this instance - I've been vaccinated against cervical cancer for free, as have most girls my age now, there's now talk of the same being done for testicular cancer. Both of these must have cost a colossal amount of money to develop, and yet we were vaccinated free. I'm fairly sure this was on the NHS, but if it were really that costly, then it wouldn't be economically viable to vaccinate everyone born in 1994 or later at schools and those earlier if they wish, with government funding. There is hope!
  11. I didn't say anything about guns, I fail to see the relevance of it in this situation?
  12. Just realised how lucky I am to be in Britain, where we have state funded abortions and no one has ever made a big deal about it because it is a very private matter that is, in actual fact, very rarely used as a form of birth control, which seems to be the general argument against it in this thread. This is possibly because our sex education goes very in depth about the variety of birth control out there, whilst always saying that it isn't always 100% effective, as opposed to abstinence only programmes, which will still result in STIs, unwanted pregnancies, teenage sex etc. Here are our stats for 2011 (I can't find the 2012 stats anywhere, I'll try and find the Scottish stats): Note that not all of them will have been state funded, there will have been privately funded abortions too i believe that these are yours (I can't find an unbiased source - sorry) I really have no idea how guns come into this, so I won't touch it. I don't mean to cause any offence through this, but I believe that everyone should have the right to choose what happens to them and their foetus in this situation and that there should be as little government intervention as possible.
  13. The Elephant On The Forum...

    Probably yes, it is, I believe as put out by the British Horse Society. Not sure if this is a referral to healthy weight or not, but I'd assume the healthy weight given that it's BHS.