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    Horses, finches, Turks & caicos:)
  1. New Budweiser Ad - So Cute!

    And me!
  2. Hi, I bought the Fujifilm finepix s3400, it's great for action shots & close up, check out some reviews, it only cost me $110, it's so good I have 2 friends who bought the newer versions:)
  3. Turks & Caicos, Keeping Horses

    Lol! Kinda wondered, I'll stick to my killer dog! I just got an email from Camille, said you were a wonderful friend:) It's a big relief to hear you can manage horses on such a small piece of land, a HUGE weight of my mind, thanks:)
  4. Turks & Caicos, Keeping Horses

    Thanks, interesting read, answered a few questions I was scared to ask! Tell me whats a leatherman? Where do I get a taser?!
  5. Turks & Caicos, Keeping Horses

    Morning:) They keep all those horse on 2.5 acres, wow, I'm impressed! I had a look at your profile for the old threads for Turks but cant see any, am I missing something? Off the top of your head how much does it cost to feed an average sized horse per year in Turks? Im thinking I may call them before I visit to see if they want me to bring anything with me as its so difficult to get stuff on the island, sound like a good idea?.....my case is huge & I never manage to fill it! We stayed at beaches restort the last time, it was kinda last minute & I got a good deal, wouldnt do it again, too many kids for us! Waiting on a few realtors getting back to me about some rentals, we have flights booked, only there 10 days, its hard as I have my own dog boarding kennels & I hate going away for so long incase something happens, I do have a reliable helper but you just never know. We enjoy the quiet life, all we do is horse ride, snorkel, scuba dive & eat so T&C is perfect for us! I do have 3 dogs at the moment, may be 1 down by the time I get there so for sure Ill look at a pot cake, I had a look recently but they had nothing waiting on their site as I know they look for people to bring them to Canada for adoptions, Ill keep looking closer to the time.
  6. Who Wants To Hear A Funny Story?

    Too funny! When I first moved to Canada and at my first day of new job I said oops I forgot my piece, the looks of shock and horror on everyone's faces told me that in Canada piece does not mean packed lunch like it does in Scotland, they all thought I had a gun!!!!
  7. Turks & Caicos, Keeping Horses

    It's so hard to find anything out about living in T&C, the resort we went to had mainly Jamaicans who hated it as its quiet, the weather was bad & hubby was sick so we didn't get out much:( This time we are staying at a cottage self catering, much better:)
  8. Turks & Caicos, Keeping Horses

    It's minus 29 here today I'd love to be hot! Good to know you'd go back:) I'm not too worried about the heat as I won't be working, I work 7 days a week at the moment(own business, boarding kennel)& can't wait! Are you in Miami, that would be an easy flight for hoof trimming:)
  9. Turks & Caicos, Keeping Horses

    Hi:) We were there in October, I've been searching for my perfect island for the past 20 years & have visited lots but t & c for various reasons always came out tops, we are set on it, in April we will buy our first condo towards our retirement plan:) No, I have 2 quarter horses although 1 leans very much to Arab, my pony is a connemara who is for sure coming with us, no way can I leave him with anyone else! Tied to a tree, lol! Well at least a garden should be ok, been looking at Cheshire hall & Richmond hill discovery bay, was worried neighbours may complain if I have a pony & chickens nect door! Why did you leave the island, if you don't mind me asking? I am sooo excited about visiting again, lining up a lot of condos to look at, the snorkelling is stunning, I love the climate & lack of dangerous insects/animals!
  10. Turks & Caicos, Keeping Horses

    Thanks so much, we are visiting early April & I'm going to book a ride with provo ponies in the hope of talking with the owners about keeping horses, funny you know her! We won't be working there, plan to buy a house for us & a few condos for rental income & hay by the sounds of it lol! Pricey hay, wow! So how much do they eat, hoping as its warm but breezy that they won't burn too many calories off so require less! Little worried about colic, esp sand colic, no farrier or vet, wow!...think I may get some lessons from my farrier before coming! What do you do with the poop? I know it's impossible to find land at a reasonable price so call me silly is it ok & allowed to keep your horse in your garden say an acre plot? I have so many questions but don't want to bombard you, it's so kind of you to help out, I'll let you post again as I'm sure you know better than me what I need to know!!!!
  11. Turks & Caicos, Keeping Horses

    Oh thanks so much;) I so want to take my 3 guys with me but am worried it may not be feasible, for sure 1 will be coming with us so if I can't do all 3 I want to be sure I have time to work on their bad habits & find the best homes to free lease or sell them to:(
  12. Turks & Caicos, Keeping Horses

    Oh thanks:) I've been looking for ages for someone to no avail, I can't do a search on my phone so first chance I get I'll log on the computer & find her!
  13. Turks & Caicos, Keeping Horses

    Hello, my husband & I are planning to retire on T & C sometime in the next 5 or so years. I was wondering if there were any members here who live on provo that could answer some questions for me or offer advice, thanks so much:)
  14. Hello From Alberta, Canada

    Hello:) I live in snowy alberta, moved here 10 years ago from Scotland, my husband and I have 2 palomino qh & 1 connemara pony! Looking forward to talking to people on Caribbean islands in particular(planning our retirement)about having horses on islands and of course offering hopefully some advice too where I can!