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  1. Need More Speed!

    What kind of bit is it exactly? A snaffle is not a fix all, not every horse can run in a snaffle. A well trained barrel horse you shouldn't need to be in their face at all. I beileve in using the bit that works with using the least amount of pressure. A tie down should only be needed for the turns, not speed. If she has perfect turns I would leave it at that. You don't want to push her to soon and blow your turns. I would keep letting her increase herself speed wise. You will feel her getting faster.
  2. Need More Speed!

    Try kissing/ clicking your tongue while going. Around the barrels even. Just remember most horses speed up on their own, and not all of them are going to be the fastest out there.
  3. Hello

    I'm new here, I am 20 years old and from Indiana. I have 2 horses both quarter horse geldings they are ages 6 and 3. I barrel race and always have. I like showing, training, and meeting new people. Feel free to ask me anything :)
  4. Whats Better Polo Raps Or Actual Boots?

    I prefer polo wraps as they fit closer and can be adjusted. One size fits all too, makes it easy for having multiple horses to ride.