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  1. I've Got Gas...

    I haven't seen gas prices below $3 in Lord knows how long! Here too it is $2.89 and lower in some spots. My tank is filled on less than $30 bucks!
  2. The Ebola Dilemna

    The trouble with an ebola vaccine is the testing process. When you test a vaccine you have your subjects purposfully infected, then half are given a placebo and half are given the vaccine. It's incredibly risky and it takes time and last I read they're breaching standard vaccine testing protocol for the ebola vaccine they're working on right now. Ebola is not an issue of "Why isn't there a vaccine yet?" because there WILL be one, and when it releases people will be storming the pharmacies and hospitals to get one... Which is exactly what they want ;) Anyways... Amber Vinson called the CDC and explained her 99.5 fever to them and they allowed her to fly because it wasn't "high enough" and there were "no symptoms." Doh, and here we thought a fever WAS a symptom... She was a prime candidate to contract it, and here she was beginnging her contagious period, but they let her go. She was ALLOWED to fly and people are still blaming her. Nina Pham caught ebola from Duncan's first visit to the ER, when he was symptomatic but the staff was not ready for it. Contrary to what some articles are saying she did NOT catch it even after being dressed in full protective garb after he was admitted. Supposedly the nurses who cared for Duncan wore multiple gloves. This could really be considered counterproductive because you can't get a proper sealed fit that way and imagine taking all of them off... and the likelihood that they had tiny cuts or even a hangnail on those hands is up there. That's all it takes for ebola to get in your system. And they've begun admitting the sneeze and cough droplets carry it too so, breathing that in will do it as well.
  3. There's A Tree In The Bedroom

    Well how cute is that! I love creativity in the home like that. What are those yard sticky lookin things on the side of the wall there?
  4. Do you find you fall off more easily riding one or the other? I feel it's easier to stick my seat in a Western saddle for a number of reasons but a good seat is a good seat in any saddle... But let's not negate the question already lol. Any thoughts?
  5. Awesome News!

    That's awesome! When does the calendar come out?
  6. Attention Brides

    I have never used a table cloth in my life. Are these that you're looking at strictly for weddings/events or for your home dining room tables?
  7. Teaching Pony To Stay Behind Lead Horse

    Could somebody safely help you by leading her behind by hand while you ride?
  8. Riding With My Bestest Trail Buddy!

    I wish I could ride where you ride! Looks like a wonderful time :)
  9. How Does This Feed Sound?

    I figured as much. It's from a local mill, so I would have liked to support them.
  10. I like how Whoopi put it on The View. Basically, there was no victim because they were both at fault. She hit him first -- DON'T be surprised when you get hit back. It's not his fault your momma told you boys don't hit girls! Be smarter than that ladies.
  11. "that Old Horse"

    I was just about to say, cut this a-hole from your life! At least tell him to S.T.F.U. until you ask for his opinion. Put that foot down girl. Or toss it up his... I'm mad with you. Hang in there!
  12. "that Old Horse"

    Aww that's the sweetest rant I ever did read. What a precious mare. I'm sorry to whomever incurred your wrath over the subject.
  13. How Does This Feed Sound?

    This is the feed ingredient list from a local mill. How bad/good is it? Thanks for looking!
  14. Help Me Name My New Horse?

    I love Andromeda because I'm partial to Greek things due to my heritage. What is Killpop all about?
  15. Exporting Energy

    If we're booming with oil why are we fighting with other countries for theirs?