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  1. Good, Used Tack

    Dover has a closeout section with some very gently used and almost new saddles for extremely reduced prices. I just got a Pessoa jumping saddle for like $600 off. if you are looking for some nicer saddles I would start there, they had a pretty good selection of tack a few weeks ago.
  2. Thoughts On Halter Horses

    As an english rider, I don't tend to delve into the western world of showing but one day i happened to stumble across a photo of an AQHA halter horse (totally beefed up and everything) i so though that it was photoshopped at first. what do you guys think of these top level halter horses and how beefed up they are. I think it is beyond disgusting and not at all healthy look to have all that muscle, but I'm also no where near and expert. just a bit of a fun question. Here is what these guys look like
  3. Working Student

    next year I will be a freshmen in high school and have started seriously thinking about what i want to do after school. I consider myself college bound and want to make a career out of riding (Hunter/Jumpers, Eventing). one of the best ways i can think of learning is by taking a job as a working student, most likely off campus during my senior year of high school if i have kept my grades up. Have any of you guys been working students? what was the experience like and do you feel like it aided you in your career with horses? is this something i should seriously consider doing my senior year of school? any advice or information is greatly appreciated. Edit: My district will allow you to take some or all of your classes off campus. so basically you do all the work independently and meet with a teacher once a week to check your status turn in work and take test. sorry for the confusion. If i do decide to take a working student job, i would take all my classes independently and either live on site or commute every day. it would be a full time job, not just a few hours.
  4. Riding Music

    I am on my school media team and every month we have a broadcast featuring the different happenings around school (EX: Sports, dances, cool science labs, skits) For April's broadcast I'm working on a piece featuring the riders at my school and am having a hard time finding a song to use. Do you guys have any songs that really pump you up before a show or that you really like riding to or even just remind you of riding. I have been toying with Remember the name by fort minor or closer to the edgy by 30 seconds to mars just to giver you guys an idea of what I'm looking for. Something really up beat and fun, not necessarily country. it also has to be school appropriate beings as my media director is ANAL as heck about being appropriate because our broadcast gets shown on our local news station. Thanks so much Guys.
  5. Jumping Vests

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I ended up getting the tipperary and LOVE it so far.
  6. Jumping Vests

    Hello I have really started jumping fairly sizable fences lately and both me and my parents would feel safer if I wore a vest while jumping. Im torn between the Tipperary eventer and the Charles Owen JL9. Do any of you wear vest while jumping or have any comments on these vests or others. Any feed back/reviews on these 2 vests or other types is greatly appreciated. I posted a topic like this in the eventing forum because they are made FOR eventing, but i wasn't getting any replies. Thank You
  7. Kicking In The Cross Ties.

    thanks for the help. i will definitely try some of these and see if they help.
  8. Tipperary Vs. Charles Owen

    Hello I am soon going to get started in eventing and have currently been jumping up to 4'0 at home. I know vest are required for cross country so need one anyways, and my dad would feel a lot batter about me jumping if i was wearing a vest. I am torn between the Tipperary Eventers Vest and the Charles Owen JL9, which seem to be the favorites. Could you give me some pros and cons of each? Also, if you have others that your really like suggestions are welcome. we really don't want to break the bank on a vest so around $300 is our maximum. Thank You
  9. Kicking In The Cross Ties.

    1) scope just refers to the width a horse can jump, in a nutshell. I was just giving a little back ground on him. 2) stubborn as in if he doesn't want to do some thing its really hard to get him to do it. He just get very set in his way. 3) farrier comes every 7 weeks, he's got pretty nice feet, really only needs a trim and then new shoes. barefoot on the back for quite a while now. he only gets shoes on his back if we are showing on grass and he needs studs.
  10. What Can I Wear For A Schooling Show?

    For a schooling show, a polo is usually fine, but it is always a good idea to bring a ratcatcher and hunt coat just in case. some judges really appreciate if you wear your Sow attire because really shows professionalism. Try to look as neat and tidy as you can, even if you decide not to wear you coat.
  11. Winter Training

    you could work on natural horsemanship and lots of stretches. it will help improve the bond with your horse and in general develop a higher level of respect. because of this once you do get back on and start training again, it wont be such a slow process because you worked with from the ground up. I am speaking from experience, working with a trainer who believes a lot in natural horsemanship i have seen the results they have on your horse and as a team.
  12. Kicking In The Cross Ties.

    Hello About 4-5 months ago i got a QH jumper. 10 years old, Insane amount of scope and stubborn as a mule. In the past 3 or so weeks every time i put him in the cross ties to groom/tack up, he pins his ears back, paws and stomps and on a few occasion tried to kick me when ever I have tried to get a brush anywhere near his Barrel and hindquarters. he loves getting groomed from his shoulders up. I know this often is the case with OTTB's, not wanting to be touched and having super sensitive skin, being as we have a few at my barn, but he hasn't always acted like this. it has gotten to the point where i don't even want to attempt to get near his hind quarters. He has been doing this when we take him to shows too, so its not limited to home. Any advice as to why he's started doing this or how to stop it is greatly appreciated. Thank You. EDIT: My trainer has checked him out and it didn't seem like he was back sore or anything. he moves fine and is jumping like a dream, no signs of pain. He is fine after I ride him and doesn't mine me brushing or using a curry on his hindquarters. In general he is a somewhat hot, energetic horse.