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  1. The Beginner Horse

    My 11 yr old paint gelding was that way when I got him. He had intimidated his previous owners into giving up and putting him back out to pasture. I was not knowledgeable enough to know where to start and had my trainer friend give me a starting point. Now he still tries to show his butt from time to time, but is not allowed to move away from whatever he acts out at until he stops acting out. The incidents are getting fewer and fewer as he relearns that those behaviors cause him more work. The fact that I am putting so many more miles on him is also helping us learn each other to become a better team. I am having a blast learning him and his personality more and more every time we get together.
  2. That Talk Thread

    Great pics of the choir and can only imagine the glorious sound that rang out to heaven. Glad you had a great Fourth of July and look forward to pics of the ride. PD, our rains are now at an occasional 10%-30% scattered shower a few times a week instead of daily 80% chances. Hope the farmers have better luck soon. I will be looking to reload my hay soon for the winter. I know I will not need as much as past winters, but will still have it on hand just the same. My mother, her bf, my oldest daughter and her son all came down last week for a visit. I took them to the spring fed creek, the Marianna caverns, the beach and horse rides around the property. Had a great week with them before they all left Friday morning. Then we joined up with several families from church at one of the member's home for a pool party for the kids while we all pigged out on a buffet of foods and desserts. Then we all met up at one of the fireworks locations to help the youth sell glow bracelets and necklaces for their fund raiser before watching the show. A pair of sisters that are down from Ohio visiting their grandparents for the summer stayed with us Friday night and we took them out to the farm to ride the horses Saturday morning. It was busy, but really wonderful. I was only able to get in about 5 minutes of riding in between all the others getting their ride in. lol
  3. That Talk Thread

    I agree with PD, such an amazing canvas to paint those beautiful pictures on. Post a pic of the design if it works as I'd like to try it for my boys. I usually add loose salt to their feed and there is a left over salt block and mineral block in one of the stalls left by the owner. I only feed a flake of peanut hay twice a day then the other two get a flake every other day. They also haven't had free choice hay since moving to the new place due to more grass than they can eat down. You can see in the photos.
  4. Happy Posts

    That is awesome news. We have an awesome God who works wonders through people. I'll be looking back here for updates on his surgery.
  5. That Talk Thread

    The horses get their visit from Keeley today for their hoof trimming today so they will be in good shape for the visitors next week. Mom and her bf have been planning on coming Saturday and staying til Thursday. Now my oldest daughter and her son will be coming with them so that just made my b'day the best in a very long time. I can hardly wait to introduce him to horses. He is 2 and all boy. PD, hope the salt dispenser works and your back makes it through the weeds when that time comes. I am still fighting the grass that is trying to take over the arena. With all the daily afternoon showers we have been getting it makes it hard to get ahead of it. I have been mixing Dawn in with it to help it stick to the blades, but even that hasn't helped a whole lot.
  6. That Talk Thread

    PW, those are beautiful pictures of the hike on the mountain. Radiant colors and smile to boot. Sounds like a great day spent with your cousin and her dog. Went back to the farm yesterday with Jesa and had a blast. We got in a quick ride around the pasture on Trusty before feeding the boys, chickens and fish and heading home. We took Trusty over the new wooden bridge obstacle and he went without hesitation so I am very happy about that. Jesa decided to try and pet the chickens which made for great pictures. lol Here she is on Trusty as I led them around for a minute before mounting up with her. Here we are together for a Here she is playing in the chicken coop.
  7. That Talk Thread

    Took DW, Jesa and Jaxson(young man from church we are helping watch a couple of days this week) out to the barn. I had a wooden platform to take out there to practice bridge crossing with the boys and to give the kids a horse ride. This is how Trusty and Doc met us as we came in the gate. This is Jaxson. Battery is always charged on this one just like Jesa. We were playing chase and hide and seek around the house before heading to the barn. His mom met us there and had a blast watching him. Here is their couples only I learned I need to be careful with younguns hanging around the barn. Then Jesa got into an ant bed and had to be stripped to her pull up for the ride home. I don't think it bothered her.hahaha
  8. That Talk Thread

    PD, glad the family gathering went so well and you still were able to tend to the weeds. PW, sounds like a great time spent together on a nasty day. Good luck with the farrier hunt. I did go to the event and had the best time. Everyone was so friendly and inviting as if there was not a stranger in site. I even ran into the couple I am leasing my horse farm from as it turned out we put our horses in the stalls right across from them and then realized we set up camp next to how odd is that? I regretted not taking Amber and her horse Doc, but hind sight is 50/50. She would have had a blast with this event and meeting some of the other kids her age that entered. I will be taking her to a couple during the next series. ON to the pics.. The Trail course was 7.67 miles with 6 obstacles along the way. Then we had the field obstacle course with 7 challenges to complete. Me and the two I went with got on the field course before the competition started after the trail ride then again after the competition. That is why I am in saddle on some and bareback in others. My horse did great for both the trail ride and playing on the obstacle course, but showed his butt when I went to load him. Prepare for picture overload..I didn't stop smiling til I went to bed last night.
  9. That Talk Thread

    Got invited to be a safety rider for an ACTHA trail competition tomorrow. It is about 4 hours away pulling a trailer and we are going to head out this evening. Looks like we will be loading up in the rain here and hopefully be in clear skies there, but these rains are moving due East so might be wet. I will post pics up first chance I get to share with you. I am excited as this is my first time to go to one of these type events.
  10. That Talk Thread

    Finally got out to see the boys after being gone over the weekend. Had a great time with my my oldest and 3rd daughter and their sons. Also got to witness a beautiful wedding for a friend of mine's daughter. We spent Saturday afternoon in the pool at the hotel with the grandsons and had a blast. I hadn't seen the younger of the two GS since his 1st birthday party 2 years ago. As for the boys, they were very close with me when I walked into the pasture before feeding them. All three came in close and wanted to muzzle me to see if it was really me. Then headed straight for their respective stalls for feeding. Checked on the chickens and they are getting big. Will get a picture of them tomorrow as I take my daughter to her teen small group on Wednesday nights at church and my cousin feeds the boys for me. PW, glad to see you got out for a ride. Hopefully you can try out the HC album and post up some trail pics for us to enjoy. I'll try to get back in here later and post a few pics myself.
  11. That Talk Thread

    PW, have you tried uploading your photos to an album on here in your profile? I have been doing that mostly here lately to save the effort of going through pb then copy and paste from another site. I just upload to an existing album or start a new one if it doesn't fit a previous one. Then just click the My Media tab option and click the Gallery Images option to pick the recently uploaded pics to share. Saves a lot of time to do it that way unless you use pb to post them elsewhere, then disregard my previous Even the ones too large to post are auto resized when uploaded to my Albums. I know you have been on the site longer than me, but didn't know if you had ever tried the process with the pics. How did the testing go? Are you certifiable now? Glad you got most of the gardening done now and look forward to seeing the pics.
  12. That Talk Thread

    She got inaugurated with bareback riding last year when I first started getting her on horseback. She has ridden and been led around bareback for a dozen rides or so. That may have been what helped get her such a good seat I keep hearing about. The trotting without her stirrups or bareback is something that makes her nervous and will be a good confidence builder for her. Her coach told her that she needs to be able to do everything she does in the stirrups, out of the stirrups. Alex, congrats to G and you for helping him get above of the lower 50. I don't have a link to any one thread about it, but there are a few mentions of the going ons over several months in the I have a confession thread. MzRat, congrats on you building a graduated kid too. Hopefully they do as well or better in college with help from dad. I spent the weekend in N.Ms. at a wedding of a family friend's daughter. Also got to spend time with my two daughters and their sons. It was a great weekend and hated coming back other than to see my two grandsons and daughter down here. Of course the horses were very much missed as well.
  13. That Talk Thread

    I too was gone for awhile, Alex. I popped back in a week or so ago and started posting back up. This whole site has apparently gone through some people changes lately from what I have gathered on a couple of posts. The management may have taken too long to remove the powers to be before running off alot of good people and now the site is on life support for the time being, My youngest daughter had her 3rd riding lesson last night. She had her trotting with her feet out of the stirrups to gel her seat more and get a better feel for what Doc was doing and how he changes with different cues. Her coach is so impressed that she asked Amber to think about local showing in Western wtc(?) and cowboy competition in the fall. She believes she will be more than good enough after the lesson between now and then, I don't care about the shows as much as her gaining the confidence to go on longer trail rides and camping trips with me and the horses. If she wants to do some shows to have fun then I have no problem with that and happy that she wants to be in the saddle. That is what I am hoping for. Here are a couple of pics of her lesson last night. She sure dressed relaxed for it didn't she?lol
  14. That Talk Thread

    I have seen people use 4" PVC pipe to do a similar garden with. My aunt took swing chain and hung them at different lengths from the privacy fence then took 1/2" round wooden rods stuck in each end to keep them off the fence at different distances. I have been working on wiring up the receptacles in the stalls and running them off a single switch to turn them all on. I also ordered some fly veils for the boys on our rides to keep the deer and horse flies off their heads. They sent me the green one in the design I ordered then the Black and Blue were different even from each other so I called and they are sending me out replacements for these and said to keep these too. Here is the work on the barn,, Here are the fly veils that came in.
  15. That Talk Thread

    A lot of people use it in preference to Alfalfa for gaining weight on a horse. Peanut hay is also VERY good for the coat health. Little Man had already faded to a chocolate or light brown by this time last year from the sun. As you can see in the pictures he is still vibrantly black. His other source of feed is 24/7 turn out on pasture grass and 1 qt of Nutrena Safe Choice Original twice a day. He gets a flake of PH every other evening as does Trusty. I am going to give it til the middle of next month to see how the results go with Doc before I start adding a couple of ounces of Canola oil in with his Senior feed to get more weight on him. If I try to give too many different things then it tends to give him loose stool, so I am very aware about stepping him up slowly with anything new.