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  1. Moody, Very Irritable Mare

    Mare Magic is a great supplement. If I were you, I'd go for that one. My friend used it on her moody mare, and she calmed down almost instantly. She's been on it for almost 1 year and a half now, and now acts like a sweet gelding : )
  2. Kicking In The Cross Ties.

    Maybe grab a piece of baling twine (maybe 12 inches long) and tie it to a bar, and then tie your horse to it. Just groom/tack him up there. He's probably just frightened of the cross ties, and so he is taking it out on you.
  3. Need More Speed!

    The winning time was 15 something... They did fantastic!
  4. Need More Speed!

    I never blame my horse. When did I blame my horse directly? And my saying is: "It's never the horse, it's always the rider." So, please show me where I blamed my horse. Kay?
  5. Need A Way Of Slowing Her Trot Down

    Gently pull the reins back, almost asking for the walk. As soon as she/he slows his trot down, release the pressure. When he speeds back up, do the same thing until he is going at the speed you desire : )
  6. How Much To Charge For Training And Breaking?

    Well... Depends on how much experience you have and if you are really all that good at what you do. How long have you been training? How do you start the horses? What results have you had with the horses?
  7. Would These Bloodlines Make A Nice Barrel Horse?

    ditto to MarsCandyBars... Can you show a photo? I can usually base it off of that. Does he/she have some speed?
  8. Dog Foods You Prefer

    I like to feed my dog Blue, because I know it's healthy for him. He also gobbles it up faster than any other brand!
  9. Not spooky but scary... For me : ) Okay, well I was out on my horse one day bareback with my halter/lead rope as a bridle. Me and my mare were on the usual trail I we rode on, but I was wanting to try something new. So, I decided to head down a different path which led me to a field (I don't know what kind of crops) but anyway I decided to go along a row that didn't have anything planted. The field stretched around a corner (where I couldn't see anything around the corner) and my mare started to hold her head up high and flare her nostrils. I tried to stop her to calm her down, but she kept on walking. I decided let her, and when we walked around the corner, the rancher was standing there digging. Apparently, my horse was afraid of shovels... She jumped sideways and bolted, and I tried to do the one hand emergency stop, but my halter came undone (It's a rope halter) and my mare was free. I was scared out of my mind! She wouldn't stop, and I was slipping. My mare wasn't even considering slowing down, and I all I could think was, "Oh great, I'm ruining a rancher's crops.. And I'm going to die." By that point, we were nearly half way across the field when my horse dodged right, and I slid off left. I sat covered in mud while my horse was running away towards who knows where. I was in tears thinking my horse would slip and hurt her self, but I couldn't do a thing about it. I got up, un-harmed but in shock. The rancher was at this point running to my aid (I was so embarrassed!) but luckily he wasn't angry about his crops being ruined. He took me home, and I called my friend to get her to come help me find my horse. When I called her, she said, "Oh, your horse is running up my drive way!". I was so happy that my horse was safe at my friend's house... She actually ran to a horse called Duke (her horse friend). So, next time you are out on a trail ride in the unknowns, make sure you are aware that your horse could possibly bolt, and If they start to get really tense, get off and calm them down so this doesn't happen to you. I was very lucky that my horse knew where my friend's house was : )
  10. How Much Grain Do I Feed My Horse?

    What kind of grain is it? Sweet Feed: Under weight horse: 2-3 cups Perfect weight horse: 1 - 1 1/2 cups Over- weight horse: 1/2 - 1 cup Non-Sweet Feed Under weight horse: 3-4 cups Perfect Weight Horse: 1 1/2 - 2 cups Over Weight Horse: 1 - 1 1/2 cup Good luck with your Paso !
  11. Mane, Tail And Skin Care.

    I would buy an anti fungal shampoo if he is loosing hair... Also, try to ride very early in the morning at the break of dawn or at night before the sun go's down. You should also buy swat ( Below there is a link) and apply that to the base of his mane/forelock and the dock of his tail so the gnats don't chew away the hair.
  12. Need More Speed!

    My rodeo was about 3 days ago... I got a 16.810, but I guess I will just give it a little time and she will start to get quicker. I think she just needs time but thank you all for your advice.
  13. Seriously...can It Be Spring Yet?

    Same with rosy, I had a road runner at my ranch, and I have a sliding glass door (like yours) and come breeding season he would start to attack the "other bird" in the reflection. He would do this until he bled from the beak! I felt really bad so I covered it up, problem solved :) And your horse has a sweet face, how old is she?
  14. Problems With A New Horse

    Oaky, where ever you are grooming her whe she bites you, is it in the area where the saddle/girth rest? If so, she may be sore there, so going over that area, make sure you do it very gently, and get the vet out to check her out. He/she will tell you what to do if the horse is sore in that area.